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Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

Looking for an entry-level gaming keyboard? We've got you covered so that you or your loved one can properly enjoy their hobby.

A gaming keyboard makes a huge difference, especially when switching from a traditional keyboard. With a better polling rate and anti-ghosting measures, you never have to worry about your inputs getting lost. Plus, our gaming keyboards come with a host of fancy features, not to mention that they look much more stylish (and that RGB!). Here are two great options that can Glow Up your setup or get your young one started on their dream hobby.

Apex 3 Gaming Keyboard

Apex 3 gaming keyboard

A standout feature of this keyboard is the IP32 protection. This is quite rare for keyboards to have; this is actual certified resistance to dust and water. Accidents happen! And Apex 3 can survive them. Not only dust and dirt won't damage your keyboard, there are special drainage holes at the bottom of the keyboard should you spill something. Great while gaming and trying to stay hydrated.

It isn't just resistant, though; it looks great, as well. With 10-zone RGB illumination, you can customize the color of your keyboard just the way you want it. It can be reactive to various situations, depending on the game you're playing, and it can also change up the look when you're AFK or when pressing buttons. The switches themselves are low friction and near silent, and incredibly durable; performance guaranteed for over 20 million keypresses.

In addition, enjoy comfort features, such as the premium magnetic wrist rest, which provides full palm support with a durable soft-touch finish. It goes a long way to provide a healthier typing experience, especially when used over a long time. Another comfort and shortcutting feature are the dedicated multimedia controls; with a clickable metal roller and a media key you can control the media you're watching or listening with ease, or adjust volume. Let's be real, no one likes adjusting audio with the slider in Windows.

Also available as Apex 3 TKL, without the numpad. More ergonomic and space-saving!

Apex 5 Gaming Keyboard

Apex 5 gaming keyboard

If you prefer the solid sound of mechanical switches, this hybrid mechanical gaming keyboard might be the one for you instead. Solidly built with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for a lifetime of unbreakable durability, you get the best of both worlds with it. Apex 5 combiness the smoothness of a membrane switch with added durability, performance, and tactility of a blue mechanical switch. It's a premium gaming experience without compromise.

Similarly to the Apex 3, enjoy 10-zone RGB effects on the gaming keyboard, fully customizable to your liking. There are also similar comfort features, such as the magnetic wrist rest and the dedicated multimedia center. However, you also get a fancy OLED screen. View gifs, game info, Discord messages, and so much more with it; it's really up to you what you do with it. Save profiles, macros, adjust settings, control RGB effects; it's a really convenient control panel on your keyboard.

Get the Apex 5 keyboard now.

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