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Best Keyboard Settings For CS:GO, Fortnite, LoL, And More

Other than keybinds, another aspect of keyboard settings you might not be thinking about is actuation. Adjusting how deeply you press keys in order to execute your moves matters more than you might believe.

Apex Pro is the world’s first adjustable actuation gaming keyboard, bringing new levels of control and customization. From ultra-speedy 0.1mm to a deep and deliberate 4.0mm, our patented OmniPoint switches can offer faster reactions, more accurate movement, and more controlled abilities.

The general idea behind actuation is that they keys that you need to access fast should have a "small" number, like 1.0mm or less, to activate. This means the key you press will activate sooner. But for the abilities and functions with greater consequences — Ultimate skills, grenades, and so on — you want a deeper actuation so that pressing those keys is a bit more deliberate and a little less accidental. Lest you want to be blamed by your teammates when you blow them up. Again.

We've prepared 5 sets of recommended settings for top games with "heatmaps" that show you how the keys should be set. Each section features a fully laid out table with all the keys and their invididual actuations. That's really where the Apex Pro advantage comes in; you can set the actuation for every key separately.

Note: Click on any image to enlarge them for better readability.

Here are the games we're featuring:

Keyboard Settings for CS:GO — Apex Pro Mini

Karrigan CSGO settings

Captain of FaZe Clan’s CS:GO team, Karrigan is no stranger to split-second decisions that can change the outcome of a game. For the smoothest and fastest movement, set your movement keys (W, A, S, D, LCtrl) to a very low actuation setting. Weapon and item select keys (2 – 0) are set to mid-range actuation, around 2.0 mm, to balance speed and precision.

CSGO heatmap

The exceptions here are reload, (1 mm), knife (1 mm), and quick weapon swap (Q). Due to their proximity to the movement keys, we recommend setting non-combat keys such as interact/defuse (E), comms (Z, X, C), and similarly-placed utility keys to mid-range or deep actuation, from 2 mm down to 3.8 mm.

CSGO key table

This information is also downloadable as a handy PDF of CS:GO Karrigan keyboard settings

Keyboard Settings for Fortnite — Apex Pro TKL

Fortnite Keyboard settings

As the world’s fastest keyboard, Apex Pro with patented OmniPoint 2.0 switches make it the perfect choice for those looking to step up their Fortnite game. Set movement keys (W, A, S, D, L Ctrl) to very low actuation levels for ultra-responsive in-game movement. Build and action keys (R, F, G, etc.) are set to low- to mid-range actuation, around 0.6 – 1.6mm. This range allows for very quick and reactive building, but is deep enough to prevent misclicks.

Fortnite heat map

To avoid triggering the wrong key, set a mid-range 2.0mm actuation for tool and weapon slots (keys 1 – 6). Non-essential utility and action keys, such as squad comms (V), map toggle (M), emote (B), and chat (Enter) are set to deeper actuation levels, typically 2 – 3.4mm.

Fortnite key table

This information is also downloadable as a handy PDF of Fortnite keyboard settings.

Keyboard Settings for Valorant — Apex Pro Mini

Valorant keyboard settings

Per-key actuation settings can help improve your in-game performance, reducing misfires and typos while still enabling quick and reactive movements. Set the movement keys (W, A, S, D, L Ctrl) to a low actuation distance, somewhere between 0.2 – 1 mm. Set ability keys (Q, E, C, X) to a deeper actuation point — we suggest somewhere between 3 – 3.8 mm. Non-combat keys, such as communication, interaction, and utility keys are best set to middle-range levels from 2.0 – 3.4 mm.

Valorant heatmap

As a general rule of thumb, the closer a non-essential key is to your movement and ability cluster, the deeper you should set the actuation.

Valorant key table

This information is also downloadable as a handy PDF of Valorant keyboard settings.

Keyboard Settings for League of Legends — Apex Pro TKL

lol keyboard settings

While FPS relies on fast-paced movements, League matches can be won or lost by the timing of important abilities. Set your key abilities and 1st summoner spell (Q, W, E, D) to a sensitive level. We recommend close to 1mm, as it’s shallow enough to feel virtually instant but deep enough to avoid accidental misfires. If you’re using your 2nd summoner spell (F) as a dodge/escape mechanic, we suggest a shallower 0.6 mm — light enough for split-second reactions, but deep enough to prevent an accidental trigger.

Lol heatmap

Item keys (1 – 7), ability modifier keys (L Shift, L Ctrl, L Alt), and pings (G, H) are set at mid-range actuation, around 1 mm for a perfect hybrid between speed and control. Set utility (O, P, K, L, etc.) and communication (Z, X) to more deliberate 2 – 3 mm ranges to ensure these keys only trigger when pressed with intent.

Lol key table

This information is also downloadable as a handy PDF of League of Legends keyboard settings.

Keyboard Settings for Minecraft — Apex Pro

Minecraft keyboard settings

Despite its serene music and calming landscapes, there are plenty of situations within Minecraft that require quick and precise keypresses. Whether competing in parkour, PVPing, or just exploring the overworld, movement is critical in Minecraft. Set your movement keys (W, A, S, D) to 0.4mm so your in-game movement feels fluid and responsive. Sneak (L Shift), sprint (L Ctrl), and hotbar item keys (1 – 9) are set to mid-range actuation, around 1.2 – 2.4 mm. This range allows for fast movements but helps prevent accidentally switching weapons or item slots during fast-paced combat.

Minecraft heatmap

Utility keys, especially keys like open inventory (E) and drop item (Q) are set to much higher, from 2.6 mm – 3.8 mm to avoid accidentally opening new windows or throwing important items or weapons when spamming keys.

Minecraft key table

This information is also downloadable as a handy PDF of Minecraft keyboard settings.

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