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What's New With OmniPoint 2.0

It's time to update your firmware, as our Apex Pro line just received a major update.

Go beyond typical mechanical keyboards with the Apex Pro line. We've pioneered magnetic switches that use the Hall Effect, which measure the actuation of your keys with so much more precision than typical mechanical switches. We were the first brand to bring our patented adjustable actuation to gaming with the introduction of Apex Pro in 2019.

Our OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic Switches provide several advantages to you. They already provide you several benefits:

  • Adjustable actuation, meaning the keys activate depending on how shallow or deep your presses are
  • Increased activation speed, meaning that your abilities and keypresses register without delays
  • Powerful functions like individual adjustability and the 2-in-1 Action Keys which let you map two functions to one key

We've gone a step further by improving OmniPoint in several ways and even adding a new feature. Keyboard warriors, to battle!

The OmniPoint 2.0 Update

Improved Actuation

Actuation SteelSeries keyboard

Now this is a straight-up buff to the keyboard actuation. Previously, the actuation range of OmniPoint 2.0 keys was 0.4mm-3.6mm. Our wizardly engineers extended this range to be 0.1mm-4.0mm.

This means that the keys you want to activate as fast as possible — your saving abilities, your strafing, or any other quick reactions — will trigger at the slightest touch at 0.1mm, leading you to respond that much quicker.

With the new maximum actuation, your game-changing keypresses will execute only when you're absolutely sure, only when you're slamming the key that grants you victory.

Rapid Trigger (new feature!)

This new function enables dynamic "active" and "reset" points based on the movement of a key, making it active as soon as its pressed. It also resets as soon as you lift your finger. Now, your character will stop strafing the instant you let go with your finger. Your mashing on various abilities will be registered properly. And it's time to dominate all the rhythm and music games.

Read in more detail about Rapid Trigger in our blog post.

Faster Speed

While we already attained the title of the fastest gaming keyboard in the world, we're pushing the envelope even further with this update.

Since we improved the range, your keys now actuate 20x swifter and respond 11x quicker (previously 11x and 10x, respectively). This is because your fingers need even less travel time to activate a key.

Your typical mechanical switches actuate at 2mm. OmniPoint 2.0's newly unlocked actuation range can be 20x faster, at an incredible 0.1mm.

Whick keyboards are updated?

The entire line of the Apex Pro keyboards is updated. As long as the keyboard has "Pro" in its name, you'll know that you can update the firmware on it using SteelSeries Engine to have OmniPoint HyperMagnetic Adjustable Switches with all the benefits.

How do I update my Apex Pro keyboard?

Refer to the steps in the instructional video above. Owners of any SteelSeries product use the free SteelSeries GG software to manage and update their glory-inducing devices. Navigate to the Engine section, find your keyboard in the device list, and follow the on-screen prompts to update the firmware.

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