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Which Headset is Right for You? Arctis 7 vs. 7+ vs. Nova 7

Have you been looking at the SteelSeries gaming headsets and considered getting one, but wasn't entirely sure on the differences between them?

As our gaming headset collection grows, we understand it may be difficult to discern between the older and newer models. You may have been eyeing our Arctis 7, but wasn't sure if you should get the Arctis 7+ instead. Furthermore, our latest release includes the newer Arctis Nova 7.

Which one is best for you? Let's dive into the differences between all three with an informative table to lay it all out. Then we'll discuss the features a bit to help you make your choice.

ModelArctis 7Arctis 7+Arctis Nova 7
Launch Date201920212022
2.4GHz Wireless
Dual Wireless
Compact USB-C Dongle
Battery Life24 HR30 HR38 HR
USB-C Charging
15 Min Fast Charge3 HR6 HR
Sonar Software Audio Presets
Sonar AI Noise Cancellation (Mic)
ClearCast Retractable Mic✔ (Gen 2)
Speaker SystemArctis SignatureArctis SignatureNova Acoustic System
Spatial Audio
Multi-System SupportPC, PlayStation, Switch (docked only), Mac, Xbox (7X only)PC, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, Quest 2, USB-C iPad/Tablet, Mac, Xbox (7X+ only)PC, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, Quest 2, USB-C iPad/Tablet, Mac, Xbox (Nova 7X only)

As you can see, the Arctis Nova 7 checks all the boxes. Given the high number of awards and recognitions each headset has received, it's a tough choice, as any of them will give you a true premium gaming experience. Let's dive deeper to see what sets the Nova 7 apart from the competitors.

1. Nova Acoustic System

Nova Acoustic System Gaming Speaker Audio.

The Nova 7 family features an all-new generation of speaker drivers which have been fully custom designed to create the best audio experience for gaming, and all your other music, movie, and podcast needs.

Experience 360° Spatial Audio with our free Sonar Software for total immersion (other formats, including Tempest 3D on the PS5, are also supported).

2. ComfortMAX System

Comfortable headset system.

The unique suspension headband found on the Arctis 7/7+ has been redesigned in the ComfortMAX System with more points of adjustment for improved fit options. The stretchy fabric band helps spread pressure evenly so it almost floats above your head, and new height adjustable, pivoting earcups provide more ways to adapt the headset to your individual head shape.

3. Dual Wireless, simultaneous listening

Wireless and bluetooth gaming headset.

Imagine a world where you are listening to a podcast on your way home, then you want switch to Fortnite and teamchat, but you don’t want to miss the end of the podcast. With Dual Wireless, it’s as easy as simply pressing a button and connecting to your PC or console, and then you can hear both devices at once. Revolutionary right?

Let’s not stop there. Want to make a FaceTime call while you game? When a call comes through, your mic automatically switches to the Bluetooth call, but you can still hear everything going on in the game and the audio from the phone call. If you are working from home, you can also make life easier by being in a presentation on Teams, but still being able to take that quick call without missing a beat. So many options. A normal, non-gaming headset just can't compete with the Nova 7.

4. Sonar AI Noise Cancelling for the mic

Reduce noise on mic.

AI Noise Cancellation is an exclusive feature for Arctis Nova and Arctis 7+ users (a part of our Sonar Audio Software Suite. It uses complex AI Algorithms to silence ambient noise, so your teammates don't have to put up with extra noise. It also does something amazing — it works upstream and downstream, helping to cancel background noise from the chat of your buddies as well! They might be able to stand listening to their own gross noises, but now you don’t have to!

See ClearCast AI Noise Cancellation in action.

5. ClearCast Gen 2 mic

Gaming headset microphone.

The Arctis 7 and 7+ feature a revolutionary retractable mic design, so when you want to play solo, or aren’t interested in team chat, you can simply stow it neatly away. The Nova 7 takes this to the next level, bringing a microphone which now completely retracts into the headset when not being used for a super sleek design, and more on-the-go convenience if you want to listen to your music on the daily commute when a mic isn’t needed.

6. Improved battery

Wireless headset gaming headset

Yes, we know you can’t do a 24-hour gaming session on the reg, but we know you want to! The Nova 7 brings over 1.5 days of battery, and USB-C fast charging adds 6 hours of play from only a 15-minute boost, up from the 3 hours in the Arctis 7+.

7. Design

Arctis Nova 7 on a desk with a controller.

We know you look cool, so you need the gear to match. We made the headset light and stylish; we've made the mic neatly retract, all in a super-slim new design ID. We also added a cool PVD coating onto the super slim steel headband (Physical Vapor Deposit, also found on high-end watches). And if you really want to flex, tell your friends it took 50,000 lbs. of pressure to cold roll the steel into the shape of your noggin.

Hopefully, you’d already made up your mind to upgrade to a SteelSeries headset, but rest assured, whichever one you choose, a premium gaming experience is coming to your setup. Quote from a friend when hearing the audio: “It’s like I’m playing a completely new game”.

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