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Best Audio Settings for Fortnite, Valorant, and CS:GO

There's an easy way to get a leg up over the competition in these big shooters: with sound.

While your skill is paramount to doing well in an FPS title -- such as good aim, fast reflexes, understanding of the weapons available, and so on -- audiovisual cues can be just as important. Whether it's the steps taken by a nearby enemy around the corner or the planting of the bomb in CS:GO, having sharper ears can make the difference between victory and defeat.

How can you get better hearing? Well, the in-game sound settings won't be enough to gain a competitive advantage. You need something better.

Some of you may have already used Sonar software, contained in the SteelSeries GG app. If you haven't, it's a free download, and it offers a ton of options for making your in-game sound and voice communications sound better. While there's a breadth of customization options in Sonar, we will just focus on how you can get a better edge in a few games with the click of your mouse.

How to change sound presets in Sonar

Sonar Configuration Screen

While in Sonar, click on the "Game" tab to adjust the equalizer that affects the sound you hear in game. Near the top you will see a "Configuration" option with a drop down next to it.

Clicking the drop down opens many game titles with presets specifically created to give you the best sound experience. All of those were developed in collaboration with esports pros and meticulously tested out.

Once you choose one, your Parametric EQ settings adjust immediately, and you'll be able to tell the difference.

Fortnite Audio Preset


Developed with the one and only, FaZe Megga, it's time to conquer this battle royale with much better sound. Here's what the Fortnite preset from Sonar will bring you:

  • Boosted foostep frequency ranges for various surfaces found in the game, such as wood, concrete, and water
  • Additional reduction of sub bass and increase of high frequencies to highlight steps even more
  • Emphasize the sound of drinking so you can hear someone using a consumable and gank them

By focusing on what's important, it will be that much easier to fish out important sounds while playing Fortnite.

Valorant Audio Preset


Optimized for competition, FaZe babybay has your back with a preset specifically crafted for Valorant. With a switch of a button in Sonar, you'll get...

  • Cleaner, louder foosteps for the many surfaces found in game, and during quiet moments, some frequencies are increased to highlight steps even more
  • Planting the Spike is a lot more noticeable due to the raising of specific frequencies -- same with defusing, which will be more noticeable. The beeping isn't made louder as it isn't very useful.
  • Certain sub bass frequencies have been removed -- while the immersion is nice, you'll have greater positional sound clarity

Hearing the opponent before they sneak up on you can mean a difference between life and death. A side note; if your teammates are too loud, Sonar can help you adjust that, too.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Audio Preset

Enemy spotted

Spot the threat before it spots you -- with your ears. FaZe Twistzz helped us create the optimal preset for this game.

  • The high-frequency beeping of the bomb being planted or the rustling tone of the defusing gear have been boosted
  • Increased frequencies of common signals such as approaching footsteps, gun relloads, and knife pulls, so you won't get ganked so easily
  • Say goodbye to the loud, painful flashbang noise as the preset reduces it, which helps against the fatigue from playing many sessions

And what's more, none of these presets will affect how your teammates sound, since Sonar handles that separately. That's the magic. You're in total control.

Now get out there and conquer the arena with the help of your ears.

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