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What is the difference between a mechanical switch keyboard and a non-mechanical switch keyboard?
The mechanical switch has defined the gaming keyboard and is generally the choice of pros. Due to their superior tactile feel and responsiveness over membrane keys, gamers often prefer mechanical switches. However, membrane switches have been the building blocks of keyboards for years, and they are perfect for individuals who prefer a softer and quieter switch. We recognize that switch preference is a highly personal decision, so we provide a range of keyboards to meet the demands of all gamers.
Which gaming keyboards are mechanical? Which SteelSeries keyboards are non-mechanical?
The SteelSeries Apex M800, Apex M500, and SteelSeries 6Gv2 are all mechanical gaming keyboards. As for non-mechanical keyboards, the Apex 350 and Apex 300 are great choices.
Which gaming keyboards feature full RGB illumination?
The SteelSeries Apex M800 and Apex 350 both feature full RGB illumination.
How do I know which gaming keyboard is right for me?
Great question! We’ve set up an interactive keyboard selection guide which you can view at the top of this page. The keyboard guide will ask you a few quick and simple questions and then suggest you a gaming keyboard based on your answers.
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