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Rival 3 Wired gaming mouse

  • Engineered with hyper-durable materials
  • Guaranteed 60 million click mechanical switches
  • Lightweight ergonomic design for comfort
  • Brilliant Prism lighting with 3 zones of 16.8 million beautifully crisp colors
  • TrueMove Core optical gaming sensor with true 1-to-1 tracking
price $29.99

Light and Ergonomic

Lightweight materials in an ergonomic shape help to reduce strain on your hand and shoulder, providing effortless comfort for hours of intense gameplay.

On-Board Memory

On-board memory allows you to save polling rate, keybinds, and 5 CPIs directly on the mouse, making it easy to have the perfect settings from game to game and on-the-go.

Glow Up

Best-in-class affordable products with SteelSeries’ cutting-edge innovation and premium performance.

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Recommended Grip Styles

The right-handed shape of the Rival 3 is designed for a player’s highest demand for comfort. Whether you deploy a claw or fingertip grip the shape will provide perfect comfort for long and intense gaming sessions.

Rival 3 palm grip example
Rival 3 claw grip example
Rival 3 top dimensions
Rival 3 side dimensions



SteelSeries TrueMove Core

Sensor Type



100–8,500 in 100 CPI Increments


300, on SteelSeries QcK surfaces



Polling Rate

1000Hz 1 ms

Hardware Acceleration

None (Zero Hardware Acceleration)

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is the Rival 3?

In addition to using the same 60 million click switches as our most expensive mice, we use a high-grade extra-strong polymer to make sure that the mouse can withstand almost anything you throw it at. We also used a same split-trigger click design, which means the left and right clicks stay fast and consistent for years of use.

What grip style does the Rival 3 use?

The design of the mouse favors users who use either a claw or fingertip grip. While a palm grip is also possible, we encourage palm grip users to explore the Rival 310, Sensei 310, and Sensei Ten for maximum comfort.

Does the CPI save from PC to Xbox?

Yes, you can save 5 CPI (counts per inches) profiles directly to the mouse and they will carry over from PC to Xbox One.

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