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Customize the lighting, audio, macros and more for all your compatible SteelSeries devices.

Windows 10+
macOS 10.13+



Personalize the coloring effects across your devices including in-game reactive lighting for compatible GameSense titles.

Coloring Effects

Select a base color layer as a single color, color shift, gradient or breathe.

Reactive Lighting

Set a reactive coloring layer in response to button presses or in-game events.

Aerox 3 + Rival 5 with Engine color options



Easily refine your audio settings for a fully immersive experience.

Equalizer options

Use vertical sliders to adjust specific frequencies, or choose from select presets.

Bass boost

Enhance the bass track with advanced processing for a more controlled effect.

Virtual surround

Immerse yourself with audio that subtly incorporates positional cues.


Get the most out of your microphone options with worldclass presets on engine



Set custom button or click shortcuts for compatible devices, then save your settings to any game profile.

Apex Keyboard with Engine customization options

Rebind keys and buttons

Rebind a button to any other mouse button, key or system function from a single editor.

Quick record macros

Record macros in-game or direct in Engine, then edit the delays and buttons as needed.

Customized OLED

Upload custom OLED images or configure game related information for GameSense titles.

Set actuation sensitivity

Set sensitivities on keyboards like the Apex Pro, or lift off distance and acceleration on select mice.



Save custom gear profiles that load automatically when a familiar game application is in the foreground. Want a different illumination or binds on League of Legends vs CS:GO? Go for it.

GG Engine Profiles


Windows 10+
macOS 10.13+
Engine RGB with black sides



1. Open GG and go to Engine, then select the Library tab.
2. Select add a game or scan for games to import a list of games on your machine.
3. On the game card in the Library, click add a device to select one of your devices or a Prism lighting configuration.
4. Use the dropdown list to select from a list of your device or Prism configurations.
5. The next time you launch your game, your device configurations and Prism configuration will change automatically."

After opting-in to be our software beta tester you'll automatically be updated to early versions of new features and updates. We might also send you the odd survey to hear about your experience, so we can work with you to create the best possible experience.

If you have any issues or prefer the old version you always can go back after you've been updated.

Simply disable the early release opt-in in GG, under “Settings” -> “General”.

We appreciate any feedback or comments as it helps us immensely in making a great product for everyone to enjoy.

What level of Actuation works best for me?

Actuation levels are a personal preference and they vary depending of the type of games you play. We encourage you to start with the default of 1.8mm and slowly increase or decrease the Actuation level to find the level that fits you best.

For example, increasing Actuation from 1.8mm to 1.4mm may be just enough. Actuation can be adjusted for individual keys making Actuation adjustment even more customizable to fit your needs.

Actuation will save onboard your device and can be adjusted both via Engine and via the device itself. On device, using the SS Key + I/O will increase or decrease your Actuation level.

If you play games such as Valorant, CS2 or LoL, checkout this blogpost with an already guided tailored experience for your specific game:

Prism is Software based illumination that does not save onboard your Prims enabled devices. In order for Prism to power illumination for your devices, GG will need to keep running in the background or be fully open.

You can simply turn it on and off by using the toggle in the audio config window. Learn more here:

If specific keys are not selectable in Prism, please check the following:

1. Navigate to the Engine Gear tab

2. Open your device’s config window

3. Navigate to Settings

4. Under Keyboard Region, make sure you have the correct keyboard region selected

5. After selecting the correct layout, fully close GG from systray

6. Re-launch GG

After following the steps above, if you are still experiencing issues with your keyboard layout in Prism please reach out to support so we can further assist

If you don’t want to use an app such as Moments, you can turn it off in the settings. When turned off it will not effect your performance and will not run in the background.

The same goes for SteelSeries Engine. If you don’t have a SteelSeries device plugged in, the Engine application inside GG will not be running in the background.

To turn Moments off you can do either of the following:
1. Click the dropdown menu above the Moments gallery and turn off “Gameplay capture”
2. Go to Settings -> Capture and Sound -> Turn off “Allow Moments to capture while gaming”

CloudSync has been removed from Engine for now since it did not live up to your needs.

We're reconsidering how to develop a better version and hope to bring it back in the near future with even more features!