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What is the difference between an optical sensor and a laser sensor?
Optical sensors provide the best tracking accuracy. However, the accuracy depends heavily upon the surface that the mouse is on. Laser sensors track well on all surfaces, but can't compete with the tracking accuracy of an optical sensor under ideal conditions.
Which gaming mice use an optical sensor? Which gaming mice use a laser sensor?
The SteelSeries Rival 700, Rival 300, and Rival 100 all feature top of the line PixArt optical sensors. As for laser sensors, the SteelSeries Sensei[RAW], Sensei, and Sensei Wireless are armed with some of the most powerful laser sensors on the market. Additionally, the Rival 700 has the option to be turned into a laser mouse via its swappable sensor.
Which gaming mice utilize SteelSeries GameSense?
The Rival 700, Rival 300, Rival 100, and Sensei Wireless all take advantage of SteelSeries GameSense.
Which gaming mice feature a braided cable? Which SteelSeries mice feature a non-braided cable?
The SteelSeries Sensei and Sensei[RAW] both feature braided cables. The Sensei Wireless also includes an optional braided cable. The Rival 700, Rival 300, and Rival 100 cables are all non-braided.
How do I know which gaming mouse is right for me?
Great question! We’ve set up an interactive mouse selection guide which you can view at the top of this page. The mouse guide will ask you a few quick and simple questions and then suggest you a gaming mouse based on your answers.
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