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A 3D render of a vibrant gaming room with glowing text that reads: "Glow Up."

It's Time
To Glow Up

Our award-winning premium loot without the premium price tag.

Every gamer hits a snag once in a while. Whether it’s voice chat problems, mouse inaccuracies, or a slower keyboard, those aspects matter.

That ends today with fantastic SteelSeries gear bundles, created for you, and starts with the right bundle. Level up your setup. Evolve your game.

Your Glow Up starts right now.

Essential Bundle

Every aspiring gamer starts here. This budget-friendly bundle eases you into the SteelSeries range of products, admired for their quality and respected for their performance. Soak your desk in luminescent, fully customizable RGB.

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All Purpose Bundle

This is where experienced gamers look to exceed their limits. Tune up your setup with more RGB and the speed and performance you need to excel in FPS, MMO, Battle Royale, and other genres.

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Performance Bundle

You’re going all out. With a mouse built for speed, the fastest keyboard in the world, and crystal clear comms, you have what it takes to win. They can’t stop you now.

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