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Is Apex Pro with OmniPoint Switches Really the Fastest Gaming Keyboard?

Let’s finally find out who has the fastest keyboard.

There is a number of companies that claim that they have the fastest gaming keyboard. Some hang their hat on faster polling rates, others on switch response times, or on actuation distance. We want to settle this debate once and for all by testing Apex Pro Mini against the top performance gaming keyboards on the market today.

Testing Setup

We started with what matters to gamers – how fast does your computer act after you decide to press a key? To answer this question, we constructed a testing device that presses keys on 2 keyboards simultaneously and then measures how long it takes for the computer to receive an input from the keyboard.

We laid the tester on top of each keycap as a gamer would naturally lay their hands. Each keyboard was tested on both sides of the testing device 100 times and then we averaged the results.

Apex Pro Mini Test

We tested the following keyboards to capture the major competitors in the marketplace today:

  • Apex Pro Mini VS traditional mechanical keyboard
  • Apex Pro Mini VS optical analog keyboard
  • Apex Pro Mini Wireless VS leading wireless keyboard
  • Apex Pro Mini VS 8k mechanical keyboard
  • Apex Pro Mini VS 8k optical keyboard
  • Apex Pro Mini VS adjustable actuation keyboard

See how testing went:

The Results

After analyzing the results, the Apex Pro Mini & its OmniPoint 2.0 adjustable actuation switches came out on top versus the competition to claim the title of the world’s fastest keyboard. The combination of the lower actuation point paired with our proprietary backend hardware and firmware design drove faster response times than all the keyboards tested.

Here is how the Apex Pro Mini fared vs the competition:

  • Apex Pro Mini vs traditional mechanical keyboard – 15.9ms faster
  • Apex Pro Mini vs optical analog keyboard – 16.1ms faster
  • Apex Pro Mini Wireless vs leading wireless keyboard – 22.0ms faster
  • Apex Pro Mini vs 8k mechanical keyboard – 9.5ms faster
  • Apex Pro Mini vs 8k optical keyboard – 10.1 ms faster
  • Apex Pro Mini vs adjustable actuation keyboard – 8.5ms faster

Ready to experience the OmniPoint 2.0 switches yourself? The Apex Pro Mini gaming keyboard and the wireless version are available now.

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