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The Best Keyboard for Fortnite

Fortnite pros like FaZe Mongraal, Megga, and Dubs, as well as Gotaga, aqua, Poach, mitr0, and benjyfishy, and many more, all use the Apex Pro keyboard. Here's why.

Fortnite is all about speed. Aim, move, and build faster than your opponent, and you have the upper hand. When you're insanely good at Fortnite, even a few milliseconds of advantage could really help secure you the W.

So why do all the pros choose the Apex Pro keyboard? Well, for them, it's all about speed.

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The Gameplay Difference

You can understand why Fortnite players favor a super sensitive actuation point (close to 0.4mm) and ultra low response time in a game where every fraction of a second matters.

It requires a lot of dexterity to play at a super sensitive actuation point, so we recommend starting somewhere in the middle and working your way up to a more sensitive actuation point as it gets more comfortable. Gamers looking to advance in Fornite will want to yield a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards offers these speed advantages that everyone is looking for.

Why do you think has our option as #1?

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Apex Pro TKL: Best Keyboard for Fortnite

What makes the Apex Pro keyboard different is that it has OmniPoint switches, which each have have adjustable actuation points.

OmniPoint 2.0 switches: 0.1mm - 4.0mm (recently upgraded!)

This means you can decide between:

  • an insanely featherlight 0.1mm (the shortest distance available on the market for hair-trigger reactions)
  • a super deep 4.0mm actuation point, which is really nice for accurate, deliberate typing
  • anything point in between, adjusted for your own comfort and skill level

Watch itsJerian try it out for himself:

Not only do OmniPoint switches allow pro players to adjust their actuation point, each switch can be adjusted individually. So far example, if you find yourself mistakenly tapping a key, you can increase the actuation point of just that key so it's less sensitive, leading to less accidents.

Why Actuation Point Matters

All switches have an exact fixed point at which they "actuate", or register your keypress.

Here are some examples of mechanical switch actuation points:

  • Cherry MX Blue: 2.2mm (the switch needs to be pressed down a distance 2.2mm to register the keypress)
  • Cherry MX Red: 2.0mm
  • Cherry MX Brown: 2.0mm
  • Cherry MX Speed Silver: 1.2mm

The time it takes for the keyboard to send your inputs to the PC also makes a difference. A "standard" mechanical keyboard response time takes around 6ms, but OmniPoint switches have a much faster 0.7ms response time

This lightning fast response time combined with the adjustable actuation point mean that your actions in Fortnite can be faster than you thought possible.

Apex Pro TLK for Fortnite

Apex Pro vs. Apex Pro TKL

The only difference between the Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL (AKA "tenkeyless") is that the TKL version lacks a number pad on the right side of the keyboard, which gives you a lot of extra space for your mouse.

Most pros prefer the TKL version, although it's really up to your personal preference. If you almost never use the num pad, the TKL is cheaper and will give you some extra space for those tense 1v1's. And the Apex Pro TKL is the world's best selling TKL keyboard, so you'll be in good company.

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