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What is IP32 Water and Dust Resistance?

Okay, SteelSeries – you claim the Apex 3 is like super durable with an IP32 rating, but what the heck does that actually mean? If I spill GFuel on my keyboard and ruin it, I’m going to blast you on Twitter about it. (We know, we know. That’s why we wanted to take a second a break down what this actually means for you.)

What is the IP32 rating?

IP32 is an industry standard for water and dust resistance. IP stands for the International Protection rating (sometimes also called "Ingress Protection".

The number after it classifies just how much protection is provided for internal electrical components against things like dust and water. The first number designates how much something is protected from dust, the second is its protection from water. If you are really interested in this, you can read up on Ingress Protection rating here.

Dust in the wind

With the IP32 rating, it's harder for dust, dirt, and debris to enter the keyboard, which keeps the internal components safe against the damage that buildup can cause over time.

So, if I spill something on my Apex 3, it will be fine?

Yes! Now, you can’t put your keyboard in the dishwasher or submerge it underwater, but it will be totally safe from average, everyday accidents.

The internal electronics on the Apex 3 are sealed, so they’re not in danger of being affected by a spill.

Compare this to a normal, non-IP-rated keyboard, where just a small splash can kill multiple keys, or even the whole board 😬

What should I do if I spill something on my Apex 3?

A common belief has been to put wet technology into rice to get rid of the moisture – but you actually should not do that as it just introduces starch particles to the mess.

For the Apex 3, all you have to do is allow the water to escape from the built-in drainage holes on the bottom on the keyboard.

You don’t need to use rice, a hairdryer, praise the sun, or anything.

Don't go throwing your Apex 3 in the pool, of course. But know if you’re drooling over a team kill and it gets on your keyboard, it’ll be just fine.

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