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Which SteelSeries Keyboard is Right for You?

There are many gaming keyboards to choose from, but which one is the right for someone like you? A handy comparison table will help you out.

As our gaming headset collection grows, we understand it may be difficult to discern between the older and newer models. You may have been eyeing our Arctis 7, but wasn't sure if you should get the Arctis 7+ instead. Furthermore, our latest release includes the newer Arctis Nova 7.

Which one is best for you? Let's dive into the differences between all three with an informative table to lay it all out. Then we'll discuss the features a bit to help you make your choice.

ModelApex Pro MiniApex Pro TKLApex Pro
Launch Date202320232023
OmniPoint 2.0 Switches
Response Time0.5 ms0.5 ms0.5 ms
Rapid Trigger
Actuation Range0.1mm-4.0mm0.1mm-4.0mm0.1mm-4.0mm
Durability100M Presses100M Presses100M Presses
Size60%80% (Tenkeyless)100% (Full)
Wireless Option
OLED Smart Display
KeycapsDouble Shot PBTDouble Shot PBTABS
USB Passthrough

1. Which keyboard size is right for me?

Gaming keyboard size guide

First, but perhaps most important decision point for you will be the size of the keyboard. Do you care to have the Numpad keys, perhaps for extra macros, or do you like having all the numerals easily available for work and data entry? Then the Apex Pro is great for you.

Many gamers nowadays prefer a narrower keyboard, which has a slimmer, more economical profile, without the numpad (called TKL, or tenkeyless). In fact, the TKL format is the preferred form of top esports players around the globe. This gives you more space on your desk, which is precious anyway, and also frees up room for those really important mouse swipes. In this regard, Apex Pro TKL is the clear winner. Note that both this and Apex Pro include a useful OLED Smart Display with useful, informative features and the ability to change settings on the fly.

However, some would prefer to go even smaller. If that's you, then Apex Pro Mini is made just for you. The smaller footprint lets you tap into optimal ergonomic positions to suit your lifestyle, and it's fantastic on the go situations too. Both the Mini and TKL come with wireless options as well.

2. What are OmniPoint 2.0 Switches?

OmniPoint switches

Our OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic Switches were recently updated to be even better. These switches use magnets to be even more precise than your typical mechanical switches. Through a firmware upgrade, their actuation range expanded: 0.1mm-4.0mm, which means that your keys can activate as soon as you touch them or after pressing them deeper. This means less accidental "fat-fingering" of the buttons you don't want, and faster responsiveness of the keys you press often (up to 0.5ms response!).

Those are not the only benefits, either; not only can you adjust the actuation of each key separately, you can even assign two functions to the same key with 2-in-1 Action Keys. The secondary function is executed when the key crosses a certain threshold. You can create unique combos that help you in any game you play.

The good news are that no matter which size you go with, all these offerings come with OmniPoint 2.0 switches. Whatever form factor suits you best, SteelSeries equips you with the highest quality of switches.

3. NEW — Rapid Trigger function!

Rapid Trigger is another feature that we added to our OmniPoint 2.0 keyboards via a free firmware update. This enables dynamic "active" and "reset" points based on the movement of a key, making it active as soon as you press it. But unlike in typical actuation, the key resets as soon as you lift your finger. This means the key does not need to pass a fixed reset point to release the keypress.

Whether you're gaming in rhythm games or need to mash a key for any other reason, this will make sure that every press is detected, without skipping a beat. Literally. You can even selectively enable this for the keys you want.

4. RG(oodness)B

Gaming keyboard RGB

Good news here: whichever keyboard you select, it comes with rich RGB customization so you can make your setup glow in just the way you like. Our easy RGB keyboard guide will tell you everything you need to know, but you can set different layers that react to your presses and AFK ones as well. Just to greet you with a unique preset when you return.

5. Other options from SteelSeries

Apex Pro Mini White

Feel free to peruse our section of gaming keyboards for other selections. You could for example, go for the Apex 3, which has membrane keys and IP32 water protection. Alternatively, you could go for the shiny new Apex Pro Mini White Gold Prebuilt, which can set a brand new look for your setup.

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