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Glow Up Your Setup with Gamer Essential Gear

For new gamers, there’s no better way to enter gaming than budget-friendly gear as they start to gain experience and unlock accomplishments and rewards.

Finding entry-level gamer gear is easy with SteelSeries. Glow Up your setup with this Gamer Essential bundle, which is the perfect introduction to gaming peripherals. Packed with RGB features, these items transform your setup from mundane to exceptional, all found in one affordable bundle.

Aerox 3 Gaming Mouse

Aerox 3 gaming mouse

Dubbed "Best Lightweight Mouse" by PC Gamer, the Aerox 3 is beloved by gamers around the world. It's extremely light (59g) and has a compact size. It's extremely easy to use and won't fatigue your hand and wrist even during longer sessions, and it will get you to react faster.

With awesome next-gen Golden Micro IP54 switches, these will last you a loooong time (over 80 million clicks!). The satisfying clicks work with the TrueMove Core Sensor for custom true 1-to-1 tracking to ensure accuracy.

Add dazzling, customizable RGB and AquaBarrier™ Protection to shield the holey construction from dust, dirt, oil, water splashes, and more.

It's available in two colors, and you can even customize your own Aerox 3!

Apex 3 Gaming Keyboard

Apex 3 gaming keyboard

Awarded the "Best Membrane Keyboard" by Eurogamer, the Apex 3 is a water-resistant gaming keyboard rated IP32. This rating means that in case you spill water or any other kind of gamer juice, the keyboard will be safe. What's more, you'll play in quiet comfort; the gaming switches don't make noise and there is a premium magnetic wrist rest to keep those precious hands healthy for longer.

What's more, the ambiance is complete with wonderful 10-zone RGB illumination. It's fully customizable (see our RGB keyboard guide!) and you can tune it to whatever you want. The RGB effects can also be configured to react to Discord notifications or in-game events for titles like Minecraft and many more.

Arctis Nova 1 Gaming Headset

Best gaming headset Arctis Nova 1

Our best entry-level headset in our new Nova line is the Arctis Nova 1. Available in Black and White and for the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, the Arctis Nova 1 features a revamped Nova Acoustic System with custom audio drivers and the novel ComfortMAX System.

Enjoy immersive game audio in more comfort than ever, as there are 4 points of adjustability to find that perfect fit. The earcups rotate and spread out to accomodate your head, surrounding your eyes with cool and comfortable AirWeave Memory Foam, all in a lightweight 236g headset.

Unlock additional features of the headset such as powerful AI Noise-Cancellation with Sonar Software (which is recommended to use to update and maintain your SteelSeries gear). With the 3.5mm jack, easily hook up to any compatible platform, such as your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Mac, or mobile device. It's that easy with the Arctis Nova 1. It's the perfect entry point for SteelSeries gaming headsets.

QcK Edge Medium Mousepad

Gaming mousepad medium

Every gamer needs a surface to play on, and the QcK Edge Medium gaming mousepad is a great start (available in other sizes too). The QcK is our beloved line of mousepads that have earned the trust of top esports professionals from around the world and sold over 10 million units.

With never-fraying stitched edges, it will retain a great look over years of usage, providing your mouse with pinpoint mouse accuracy, enabled by the very high thread count and smooth surface. It helps the mouse sensors detect the movement to properly relay it into successful shots and other movements in games.

The never-slip base is durable and washable, too, and the stylish black design is a sleek companion to the rest of the RGB-enabled gear you get in this bundle. It will instanty make your gamer station that much cooler and more professional-looking.

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