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How to Swap Your Keyboard Keycaps

Want to switch things up with your keyboard? Learn how to easily change keycaps and read up on some tips with the keycap puller.

Customizing your keyboard is a fun activity whether you're an enthusiast or just starting to dabble in it. Swapping your keycaps to find ones that suit you better is a big aspect of "switching it up."

We have a few tips on how to do this with your keyboard (including fancy explanatory GIFs), so read on to learn how to easily swap your gaming keyboard's keycaps.

1. Find your keycap puller!

First, you should start with finding a keycap puller, which makes the process very easy. Luckily for you, if you own a SteelSeries gaming keyboard, it may come with one. If you own an Apex 9, an Apex Pro Mini, or Apex Pro TKL, the keycap puller can be found in the bottom of the keyboard.

It's also included in the box for Apex Pro Mini Wireless and the Apex Pro TKL Wireless.

If you need it, you can also buy a keycap puller from our Accessories section.

2. Take a photo of your keyboard before replacing all the keycaps. Just for reference!

3. Turn your keyboard OFF.

4. Grab the keycap puller like so...

Make sure to hold it appropriately.

5. Pull out the keycap by bringing the keycap tweezers around it.

Bring the puller down so that it latches around the key from the underside. You'll be able to feel when it does. Then pull it up — do apply a little force to it — to get the keycap off. Remember to keep track of which key goes where! The photo would be a handy reference.

Note: do not remove the switches!

6. Replace the keycap or put in your new ones like so. Make sure to press down on them.

Fully depress the key to make sure it latched on.

And that's it! Repeat the steps for all the keys as needed.

Looking to switch it up on your keyboard? Check out our selection of PrismCaps, which are universal double shot PBT keycaps. They come in white, black, and pink. They're extremely durable and bring out that RGB even more with a pudding-style design and translucent parts.

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