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4 Easy (and 1 Hard) Mario RGB Presets

Customize your RGB setup faster than you can beat World 1-1 with these easy-to-follow guides.

Our goal here is to setup some fun Mario-themed RGB setups quickly with Prism, a new tool in GG’s Engine app. Before starting, make sure to disable any apps in GG Engine which might be controlling your lights automatically in the background – examples: Reflect, PrismSync, AudioVisualizer, etc. While you have Engine open, click on Prism to quickly change your RGB settings. Your Active Layer is what is shown on your devices at all times. The Reactive Layer is what will be displayed if you press a key or click.

If you need a bit more of an overview before going further into these presets, check out our keyboard RGB guide. Otherwise, proceed!

Prism in Engine

With that said, let's move on to creating awesome RGB presets based on beloved Mario characters!

Mario and Luigi

This will produce a bright Mario (or Luigi) themed setup, and while you are typing the Reactive Layer will transform into a Fire Mario inspired theme.

Active LayerActive layer

  • Top Half of Lights: Single color, Color used: FF0000 (00FF00 for Green/Luigi)
  • Bottom Half of Lights: Single color, Color used: 0009FF

Reactive Layer (Optional)Reactive Layer RGB Mario

  • Top Half of Lights: Ripple (Speed 5), Color used: FFFFFF
  • Bottom Half of Lights: Ripple (Speed 5), Color used: FF0000 (00FF00 for Green/Luigi)


For Peach, her pink dress and brooch are so iconic and really easy to setup. You can also create a cool Daisy-inspired RGB using the same method but swapping out the pink for yellow.

Active LayerPeach layer RGB

  • All lights: Single color, Color used: FF00FF (FFFF00 for Yellow/Daisy)
  • Small Circle in Center of Keyboard: Single color, Color used: 05B4FF
  • Hold CTRL to select keys around that circle: Single color, Color FFFF00 (or FFFFFF for White/Daisy)


For Yoshi, I wanted to get a super colorful and fun breathe effect that incorporated all the different colors of Yoshi. Feel free to scale it back to just Green for the most iconic Yoshi, or add more to taste if you were a fan of Yoshi’s Island/Yoshi’s Crafted World!

Active LayerActive layer yoshi

  • All Lights: Breathe Effect, click on the color bar to add more colors, Colors used:
  • 00FF00 (Green)
  • FF0000 (Red)
  • FFFF00 (Yellow)
  • 0000FF (Blue)

Reactive Layer (Optional)Yoshi RGB layer

  • All Lights: Ripple (Speed 5)
  • Color used: FFFFFF

Super Star

This next one is a theme is akin to randomly throwing paint on a canvas. First, I selected the Active Layer of all items and set them to a Colorshift and used “Animation” to increase the speed to 9. Then pick out keys, randomly.

Active Layer

  • Select random groupings of keys, set them to Colorshift using random colors, and set the speed within the Animation settings to 9. Repeat this until your entire setup is glowing like it has a Super Star.

Active layer super star RGB

Once you have this theme up and running, queue up your favorite version of the Super Star song and watch your setup do its thing.

World 1-1 (Hard)

Is any video game level more iconic than World 1-1 of the Original Super Mario Bros? It's challenging, but you can create a pretty fun loop of the opening portion of this level on your gaming setup.

World 1-1 Mario

Active Layer

  • Bottom Row/Floor: Single color, Color Used: FF8C00
  • Shift Key Row: ColorShift (animation settings: Horizontal Left, Size 1, Speed 7), Color Used: 00CCFF. Add two small sections of Green (00FF00) to the color bar to create the background bushes. Then set the x key to Red (FF0000) to represent Mario.
  • Caps Lock Row: Set the entire row to ColorShift (Horizontal Left, Size 1, Speed 7), Colors Used: 00CCFF & FF8C00. Alternate between those colors to create the following effect to represent the blocks overhead.

RGB keyboard setup

  • Tab Key Row: Single Color, Color Used: 00CCFF.
  • Number Row: ColorShift (Horizontal Left, Size 1, Speed 7), Colors Used: Colors Used: 00CCFF & FF8C00. Place a Small Orange section near the back of the color bar to represent the highest block.

RGB keyboard setup 2

  • Everything Else: ColorShift (Horizontal Left, Size 1, Speed 7), Colors Used: Colors Used: 00CCFF & FFFFFF.
  • This will give you a blue sky, feel free to use or ignore the white if you prefer to have some clouds in the sky.

And with this, you have the opening scene of the first Mario game, looping across your setup until the end of time.

Bonus: Vivian

Probably not the character you expect, but I couldn’t leave out my best girl from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. She lives rent free in my heart forever, and now on my keyboard & speakers too.

Active LayerVivian active

  • All Lights: ColorShift (Size 7, Speed 8), Colors used: 9900FF & FF00FF. Reactive Layer

Vivian reactive

  • Every Other Row: Line effect, Color used: FF0000
  • Remaining Rows: Line effect, Color used: FFFFFF

Now you know how to create amazing RGB setups with SteelSeries keyboards! Whether it's Mar10 day or not, your keyboard can show off the aesthetic of your favorite character.

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