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How to Connect the Arena 7 Gaming Speakers

Looking to set up your Arena 7 gaming speakers? Check out handy guide on how to plug in and get started.

SteelSeries isn't just amazing headsets — we spread our wings with new gaming speakers as well. With the Arena 7 turn your space into an entertainment center with two speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers feature two-way design with organic fiber woofers and silk dome tweeters, while the 6.5" subwoofer brings powerful, deep bass for impactful audio.

Are you a happy owner of an Arena 7 or looking to get one? This tutorial is for you. Let's check out the steps to get this 2.1 gaming speaker plugged in and working.

1. Plug the power cable into the power source.

Gaming speaker power source.

The Arena 7 gaming speakers can come with 6 different types of power sources: US, UK, EU, Japan, Australia, and China. You can select the type before adding the Arena 7 to your shopping cart. You have to be in the appropriate region to select the specific type of plug.

2. Plug the other end into the Arena power port.

Gaming speaker how to connect

3. Grab the R and L cables, for the two respective speakers.

The R and L speaker cables.

Those seem like they are flipped, but that's because you're looking at them from the back.

4. Plug in the R cable following the arrow, same with the L cord.

How to plug in speaker cords

Note that there is a specific way those cables need to go in. Follow the arrow on the cable itself to correctly plug it in. It can only go in one way, so this won't be difficult. It's also different on the L cable, so you won't mix them up accidentally.

5. Plug in the USB-C end into the Arena, with the other end going to your PC.

Arena 7 How to plug in USB

6. Toggle the Arena 7 "On" and adjust the subwoofer with the dial.

Arena 7 how to turn on

Lastly, don't forget to flip that switch On, and you can adjust the level of the sub bass, too. You can do this without touching the knob by using Sonar Software — which you absolutely should install, as it updates the firmware on your gaming speakers as well as introduces tons of customization options.

7. All done — enjoy immersive audio for gaming and an impressive bass!

Arena 7 2.1 gaming speaker set up.

That's it! Now your Arena 7 is working. Time to enjoy the 2.1 sound and make sure to get Sonar Software, which includes powerful customization options and apps, such as Reflect — which uses RGB lighting to react in sync to the events on your screen.

Arena 7 is an award-winning gaming speaker

Arena 7 IGN award

With two speakers delivering a robust and precise soundscape, featuring organic fiber woofers and silk dome tweeters, alongside a deep, powerful bass from a 6.5" subwoofer, Arena 7 turns your gaming and entertainment sessions to the next level. We aren't the only ones who say so — IGN put the Arena 7 on the list of Best Gaming Speakers. Upgrade your audio. Enter your Arena.

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