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SoaR Gaming Design Contest

Together with SoaR Gaming, we're calling on our community to create a design that is truly one-of-a-kind. Enter for a chance to win a Wacom tablet, SteelSeries gear, or a custom printed QcK+ mousepad!


Inspired by the design development of our new Arctis headsets, we’ve partnered with SoaR Gaming to host a competition. Create and submit an original graphic, photo, drawing – anything you’ve created – that embodies the Arctis mantra of “Like No Other.”Astronaut in space with SoaR Gaming logo on helmet holding an asteroid





  1. Create a graphic, illustration, photo, drawing (any medium is welcome!)
  2. Make sure your submission aligns with our Submission Guidelines.
  3. Submit design via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using #ArctisDesign.


Your piece should illustrate nonconformity, unconventionality, and individuality. You can choose to express these characteristics in your color choices, the content of the piece, in the presentation, or however else you choose.

NOTE: Your submission does not need to include SteelSeries or our products! Instead, focus on a unique way of conveying why your work is "Like No Other."

Looking for some inspiration? Keep reading below or see our full Arctis Design blog! Submission guidelines can be found below.Fish with arms and legs chasing a snail


  1. You must submit an original work created and owned by you.
  2. Artwork should be scalable to desktop or mobile wallpaper ratios (roughly 16:9/16:10).
  3. Submissions may be shared for download on SteelSeries social media and website.
  4. Any common filetype is accepted (PNG, JPG, PDF, EPS, AI, PSD, CR2, etc).
  5. File should be print-ready and at least 2500x2000 pixels (may submit smaller preview).
  6. All submissions remain the property of original creator.
  7. Must align with our “Like No Other” mantra.