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Apex M500

  • Cherry MX Red Mechanical Gaming Switches
  • Blue LED Illumination
  • 100% Programmable with SteelSeries Engine
  • Cherry MX Red Mechanical Gaming Switches
  • Blue LED Illumination
  • 100% Programmable with SteelSeries Engine

Cherry MX Reds

Known for their low (45cN) actuation force, Cherry MX Red switches provide rapid actuation through a light keypress - perfect for fast double taps.

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Built Like a Tank

Reinforced with a steel back plate and formed with the toughest plastics, the Apex M500's construction and materials can withstand almost anything.

Blue LED Illumination

Brilliant blue LEDs under every single key provide the brightest visibility and eye-catching style. Choose between 3 different breathe settings with 4 individual levels of brightness.

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About the Apex M500

The Apex M500 is a tournament-grade backlit mechanical gaming keyboard built entirely around the needs of professional gamers, featuring Cherry MX Red switches and a sturdy no-frills design.

Switch Type


Switch Name

Cherry MX Red Gaming Switches

Switch Durability

50 million clicks

Throw Depth

4 mm

Actuation and Reset Depth

2 mm

Actuation Force Needed

45 cN




Per-Key Blue LEDs


24 keys

Easy Access Media Keys


Gaming Mode (Windows lock)


Fully Programmable


Apex M500 Keyboard

Product Information Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the Apex M500 is the right gaming keyboard for me?

Great question! The Apex M500 is the perfect gaming keyboard for gamers who want a Cherry MX Red Mechanical Switch, full anti-ghosting, and a traditional layout. Alternatively, you can use our interactive keyboard guide, and compare the Apex M500 with our other gaming keyboards.

What are the benefits of the cable management system on the Apex M500?

The cable management system allows you to securely run your keyboard's cable from one of three points along the back, giving you multiple options for the angle of the cable to fit your desk's setup.

Can I get replacement keys for my Apex M500?

Absolutely, we can ship replacement keys out if needed.

Can I change the color of the Apex M500’s illumination?

Unfortunately no, the keyboard only has blue LEDs. However, the intensity and patterns of the illumination can be changed.

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