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How to Unlock Pets and Use Them in Diablo IV

Unlocking Pets is very simple in Diablo IV! In case you need help, we compiled a quick article with some tips.

Your adventurer life in Sanctuary is just about to get a lot more convenient. Pets make their grand return to Diablo IV, after their popularity surged in Diablo III. Once again you can venture around with a cute doggo or kitty, which are also useful since they pick up materials for you.

Unlocking Pets is easy! Note that more Pets will be available in the future; some are unlocked by pre-purchasing the Vessel of Hatred expansion.

How to Unlock Pets in Diablo IV

Diablo 4 how to unlock pet quest

1. Log in, and if you haven't unlocked Pets yet, you will get a Quest to go to Kyovashad. It is a "silver" quest. It may already be in your log.

2. A "well-behaved dog" is marked on your map. Find it in Kyovashad on the streets.

3. Approach the dog and interact with it (left click). Click the dialogue option.

4. You've done it! Now, head over to your Wardrobe (there's one in every city). That's where you can change your appearance.

5. A new tab has unlocked — look to the upper right. Then, just a Pet and click on "Confirm Look" at the bottom!

Diablo 4 pets unlock

Congrats! The Pet is not only cute, but also useful. It gathers all crafting materials for you, and even Aberrant Cinders, which is especially handy during Helltide.

Note: You can always "interact" with your Pet by bringing up the radial menu and pressing "Hello" when close to it!

Hope you will have a better time adventuring in Sanctuary now, with the new Diablo IV Pets.

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