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PS5 USB Bluetooth Adapters Aren't What You Need

Did you know that we have a better and easier-to-use technology for wireless gaming? If you're looking to game wirelessly on PS5, you're in the right place.

Say you want to enjoy wireless gaming audio on your PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4. Your wireless adapter probably works with Bluetooth, but did you know that there is a better alternative?

Bluetooth vs. 2.4GHz Wireless

Bluetooth vs. 2.4GHz wireless

Bluetooth uses radio waves to communicate between devices, typically in a fairly close range. You probably use it a good deal when driving your car or using earbuds with your phone and such. There are benefits to it for sure; it's a very energy-efficient wireless connection for audio. Many of our wireless gaming headsets utilize it.

However, there are some slight disadvantages to Bluetooth. It's not typical, but it may be susceptible to interference from other devices. That rarely happens, thankfully.

There is also a little bit of compression, resulting in slightly lower audio quality. It's not really noticeable, but audiophiles might be discouraged from using Bluetooth. For calls, it's not an issue either. Depending on your version of bluetooth and your device the level of compression and audio quality can vary, with not all phones or devices supporting higher bandwidth codecs.

When it comes to gaming audio with Bluetooth, it isn't our preferred connection method. Bluetooth does have a slight bit of latency, which may not be ideal for gaming, especially the more competitive kind.

Bluetooth latency works fine when it comes to a phone call, so the delay in hearing each other does not cause any major issue, but when gaming split-second reactions need a high speed (low-latency connection). 2.4GHz Wireless is a stable and high-speed connection designed for gamers and will give you the edge over anyone using Bluetooth.

Wireless gaming headset SteelSeries

Given how vital great audio is for us, we don't want you to feel any delay when you're looking for important sound cues in Apex Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, and the like.

Overall, Bluetooth is fine, but we can do better with 2.4GHz Wireless. Its wide compatibility with devices is its biggest advantage.

This type of connection virtually eliminates the lag completely, so you won’t worry in the back of your mind about any kind of latency. Now you'll hear the sniper shot in Counter-Strike 2 without any delay. The range also is greater than Bluetooth's.

When it comes to other concerns, 2.4GHz operates at a much higher bandwidth and features no compression, so the audio quality is as intended to be. It's the better choice for wireless audio in gaming.

Why not both?

bluetooth vs. 2.4ghz wireless

Can you do both on your video game console? Some of our features actually feature both settings!

We have a feature called Dual Wireless. Our Arctis Nova 7 Wireless and Arctis Nova Pro Wireless can hook up to both channels simultaneously.

Why would you want to use both? Well, it's a huge convenience feature. On a long family call? Sneak in some game time simultaneously without any of them knowing. Your phone is already connected to Bluetooth while you're gaming with the 2.4GHz connection, so you can take the call at the same time with your headset.

Then, whenever you're done gaming on PlayStation or Xbox, your phone can always stay connected via Bluetooth, so when you're walking out, you can already queue Spotify or YouTube. No break, no messing around with settings.

Similarly, if you're more comfortable using Discord with your mobile, you can hold calls with friends while using the 2.4GHz connection with your console for the most optimal audio experience.

It's a neat feature and a huge quality of life for those who want to always be connected to their mobile audio, either for the spontaneous call or the planned listening. You won't find this on other headset but SteelSeries ones.

Wireless Adapter for Headsets

Wireless adapter gaming headset

Bluetooth is built-in to our headsets, so you don't even need a wireless Bluetooth adapter. However, for the 2.4GHz, we have a compact dongle that's easy to transport if needed. The modern USB-C connection on our Nova 7 Wireless headsets lets you easily connect to your devices.

Simply plug-in-and-play, and listen. Depending on your headset choice, it works with other platforms as well, making it quite flexible when switching. No need to limit your gaming and listening pleasure to just one platform.

And should you ever lose your wireless adapter, worry not. We offer replacements for all kinds of things you might need over on our Accessories page, which includes the USB-C adapters for the Nova 7P Wireless. We know that these are relatively small, so there is always some risk of a loss. Thankfully, there is no need to a buy whole headset!

PS5 Console Wireless Headset Options

PS5 console gaming headsets

If you're looking for a wireless headset for PS5 games in particular, consider these great options from SteelSeries:

Both of these headsets offer simultaneous Bluetooth and 2.4GHz audio, the latter especially optimal for gaming. They do so in slightly different ways; the Nova 7P Wireless does so with the handy USB-C dongle as mentioned, while the Nova Pro Wireless uses a Base Station, which on its own has plenty of features to adjust loads of audio settings.

Nova Pro Wireless has our highest-tier audio drivers, features Active Noise Cancellation, and dispels your worries about charging with the Infinity Power System — you're always charging one battery in the Wireless Base Station while using the other, the switching.

Between the two, the Nova 7P Wireless is more affordable, but offers a similar, high-quality build with the incredible ComfortMAX system to find the perfect fit. Each headset has a fully retractable microphone which you can easily stow when on the go.

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