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Upgrade Your Gaming Headset Under $100

Upgrading your audio headset doesn't have to break your bank: we've got great affordable options right here! Whichever you take, it's a solid upgrade.

It's time to make a quality-of-life upgrade for an important aspect of gaming: audio. With a good gaming headset, it's just so much better: whether it's on the go or in your bedroom, playing games with a good headset is the way. Also, you could get a much better microphone than you already have.

Not everybody has a big budget for upgrades, however; we've got you with two affordable options. It's time for a Glow Up!

Great budget gaming headset

Affordable budget gaming headset

You don't want to break the bank, but you want a great headset? Arctis Nova 1 is here. You'll hear a difference right away: the Nova Acoustic System is our special, custom-made audio suite with special High Fidelity Drivers. Those, indeed, deliver high-quality audio right to your ears. Enjoy a much higher quality of soundtrack and environmental cues that will make gaming tons more fun.

Another strong aspect of this affordable headset is versatility: with a 3.5mm jack, it's a reliable fit for most systems; it works on any console platform, PC, and mobile devices. Plug in and play whatever and whenever. With a fully retractable mic that stealthily hides into the headset, it's the perfect transition for a headset on the move. We've upgraded the mic with a noise cancelling feature that can be greatly enhanced and adjusted with Sonar Software on PC.

With controls right on the headset, it's easy to mute yourself and adjust the volume; that's just one of the quality-of-life features you'll experience. With ComfortMAX, find just the right fit for your head with multiple adjustment points. It's also an extremely lightweight headset, so you will hardly feel a thing after wearing it for hours. With fancy AirWeave Memory Foam in the earcups, your ears stay dry and cool.

Nova 1 really has it all; for $59.99, it's a bargain. Available in Black or White and with variants for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Gaming headset with RGB

Gaming headset RGB

Want a bit more glow? Arctis Nova 3 is one of our more unique options in the Nova line. You're able to customize the RGB effect on the headset, creating that signature look for yourself! Either theme with your outfit or with your setup. It might be just the piece you need to complete your color scheme. Once you finish customizing the color on your PC, the color will be remembered for when you switch to console.

All the great features of the Nova 1 are present with the Nova 3: awesome audio quality, a lightweight yet comfortable build, onboard controls, and an awesome mic for team games. Via wired USB-C, connect to the platform of your choice.

While we have other options in our gaming headset selection, remember that the Nova line is our latest, so stick to those. If you find that your budget increased, you have more great options, such as with Arctis Nova 7 Wireless, which offers great 2.4GHz and Bluetooth capability among other features.

Ready for your Glow Up? Get a SteelSeries gaming headset today!

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