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How to Setup Arena Wireless Mic

Are you an owner of Arena Wireless Mic or looking to be? Here's how you can setup your mic for optimal use.

Our Arena Wireless Mic is a great option for those who don't really want to wear headphones. Created to work in tandem with our Arena speaker series, this mic allows you to hear the glorious speakers and allows you to comfortably chat with your friends. Whether you are setup with the Arena 9 or have your own sound system at home, this is a great option.

With PC, there is a fairly straightforward setup with the Arena Wireless Mic. We'll walk through the steps to customize the mic to your liking.

1. Plug in the dongle for your Arena Wireless Mic into a USB slot. Make sure it's charged.

The LED light on the mic will tell you the approximate battery level. If it's blinking red quickly, that means it's nearly out of battery. With Fast Charge, you can get to green pretty quickly.

2. Open up the SteelSeries GG software and navigate to the Sonar tab.

Arena Wireless Mic does not show up in Engine. Instead, we will adjust the settings for it in Sonar. You need to go through the initial Sonar setup if you haven't (simply follow the prompts to setup the devices).

3. Select Arena Wireless Mic as your device.

Arena Mic source

Now, in the Mic column, click on the cogwheel, and select Arena Wireless Mic as your source. Your mic is now tied to that device.

4. Confirm SteelSeries Sonar - Microphone is your chosen device in your chat software such as Discord.

Microphone Discord how to

5. Return to Sonar and click on Mic up top to enter advanced settings for the Arena Wireless Mic.

Sonar mic settings

6 Adjust as desired:

You can select from ready-made Configuration presets or create and save your own:

Mic audio configuration

Scroll lower to enable ClearCast AI Noise Cancellation and a few other useful settings:

mic noise cancellation

1. On console, simply plug in the dongle to a USB slot.

On your PlayStation 5, go into Settings > Sound > Microphone > Input Device > "Arena Wirelss Mic" and select it. No other settings are required.

If you need more help or have additional questions, you can always download the Product Information Guide from our website.

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