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Custom Diablo IV Sound Settings

Prepare for Hell itself with the best sound settings you can get in Diablo IV. Delve deeper with SteelSeries in order to unearth them, and maybe you'll emerge alive...

We absolutely can't wait to sink our teeth deeply into Diablo IV. Everything from experimenting with the skill trees, discovering game-changing loot, learning about the world, to slaying thousands of demons encapsulates Diablo IV.

Diablo IV's climactic soundtrack and the entrancing ambiance of Sanctuary as well as its dungeons deserve the right equipment. SteelSeries has the right tools for you to immerse yourself even deeper in Diablo IV with amazing audio software and hardware for the game.

Let's take a glance at our special Diablo IV Limited Edition items, and if they are sold out, do not fret — read on to learn how to apply amazing audio settings for the game, for free.

Prepare for Hell itself

Diablo IV Limited Edition collection

Accept Lilith's blessing, mortal. Or fall before her grace.

Whether you venture into Sanctuary alone or with allies, use the combined powers of Sonar with the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless: Diablo® IV Edition headset. Hear every slash eviscerate demons with the Nova Acoustic System and High Fidelity Drivers, enabled by a multi-platform wireless USB-C dongle, 38-hour battery life, and dual wireless features.

The headset and the other items in our Diablo IV x SteelSeries Limited Edition Collection are a must-have for any Diablo IV fan. With the purchase of Arctis Nova 7 Wireless: Diablo Edition, Aerox 5 Wireless: Diablo Edition, or the KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks: Collector's Edition, also acquire the in-game Mount Trophy, Bound Faith.

How to enable Sonar and the Diablo IV sound preset

Stay on the edge of action by following these steps to enable sound attuned to Diablo IV on your PC.

1. Download Sonar and install it. It's super quick!

Sonar is part of the SteelSeries GG software, which includes apps like Engine that help manage and update your SteelSeries Gear, and Moments, which make it easy to clip and share highlights from your games.

2. Open up GG and login or create a new account.

3. On the left side of the screen, you will see Sonar, which will help you adjust the sound settings.

4. Follow all the steps in the setup wizard to assign your sound devices to Sonar.

5. In Sonar, go to the Game Tab.

6. Click the Configuration tab and select the "Diablo IV by Blizzard" audio preset.

Diablo IV audio settings

7. This will automatically tune the parametric EQ to highlight certain sounds in Diablo IV.

8. In the Diablo IV game menu, check that the Sonar Game and Sonar Microphone are setup as your audio devices.

9. Now you're ready to slay thousands of demons with the custom Diablo IV audio settings!

Download Sonar for free to enhance your audio experience while playing Diablo IV, and don't forget to check out the Diablo IV Collection while supplies last!

Visit the SteelSeries Discord for tips and questions on using Sonar.

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