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5 Things We Can't Wait To Do in Diablo IV

Prepare for the hugely anticipated release of Diablo IV with these Limited Edition items from SteelSeries! One of a kind, right here.

The time to face the Burning Hells is approaching. Are you ready to slay, mortal, or will you accept Lilith's blessing and worship her? Her gifts are tempting indeed.

Before you delve back into your favorite monster-slaying RPG, we have a brand new collection of Limited Edition items for you to peruse. Don't hesitate, as these usually do not last long... if stock runs out, mark that "Notify Me" on the product pages, as they may be back for a second round!

The Diablo IV Limited Edition Collection

Diablo IV Limited Edition collection

Battle unstoppable evil and slaughter countless demons equipped with the Diablo® IV Limited Edition collection from SteelSeries.

Now, bask with us in the excitement for the release of the game, as we bring up 5 things we can't wait to do in Diablo IV:

5. Create a character who's truly you

Diablo IV character creation

While it's true that we won't spend that much time looking at our character model, Diablo IV does offer the deepest level of character creation to date in the series. There's still something very appealing about making a character that looks just the way you want (or as close to yourself as possible).

With dozens of skin tones, hair options, and face customizations, there are so many options. You can put everything from makeup, face marking, eye shadows, tattoos, applicable to either gender. The classes still retain their overall body shape, which is part of the class fantasy and fits the armor appropriately.

Having already experienced the beta, we're incredibly hyped up to play the classes (for me, the Sorceress and the Rogue in particular!).

4. Ride the mounts and dismount in style

This is something we haven't tested in the betas yet, as this will be only available once we finish the entire campaign. There's a lot to explore in Sanctuary, so we don't want to miss anything! However, we've loved seeing previews of mounted movement. It's a first for Diablo, and given that the world is larger than ever, traveling on horseback to places adds so much to the fantasy of the game.

Additionally, all the dismount attacks are so badass. Imagine greeting a squad of enemies with a powerful AOE attack! We can't wait to unleash the signature technique that's unique to each class.

There are also so many mounts! And don't forget that some of the Limited Edition items come with a special mount decoration made by Blizzard exclusively for this collab!

3. Experiment with the skill tree and Paragon Board

Paragon Board Diablo IV

I don't know about you, but we love skill trees. The joy of slotting in points. Unlocking new passives. Strengthening the skills we fell in love with. It's so good.

The Paragon Board has been explained already, but we just can't wait to try it ourselves, available once you reach level 50. It's like a fun puzzle for your character that lets them grow stronger. It contains various nodes that range from very simple to Legendary. From minor stat bonuses to major, build-changing effects, this is a whole other layer for the personalization of your class.

And did you know that you can rotate a whole board to make it suit more to your path? Can't wait to start figuring this out and creating powerful builds.

2. Find Legendary and Unique loot

Diablo IV Loot

Let's be real here, there is one thing that Diablo players really want, and it's the loot. From good old normal items all the way to Legendary and Uniques, it's the shiny objects that we all really want. Nothing beats finding just the right dagger or staff or gloves or ring or amulet for your character, cementing your build, or perhaps suggesting a new direction. From what we've seen so far, items in Diablo IV feel better than ever, as Rare items once again feel purposeful, and when it comes to Legendary items, you can imbue Aspects that you find into whatever item you want. This means that you can create your own Legendary item!

There are also powerful Unique items, some a callback to the previous games... Diablo veterans will feel right at home here.

1. Defeat Lilith and other major bosses

Boss fights are always the highlight in the Diablo games. The act-ending encounters are epic and memorable. We assume that at some point, you will have to battle Lilith, the face of Diablo IV, and we cannot wait to see what Blizzard has in store for that fight, but expect something truly remarkable.

That being said, what other horrors await? Will we be graced by Diablo himself at the end of the game? I can't even begin to imagine how momentous and epic that showdown will be. We're picturing a partial homage to the Diablo from the past with some huge surprises.

Once again, do not forget to check out the Diablo IV Limited Edition Collection. Have you pre-ordered the game yet? We will await the opening of the server gates with bated breath on June 6th, 2023.

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