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 The wireless arena microphone and dongle side by side.

 A side view of the Arena wireless mic.

Arena Wireless Mic

  • Supercardioid noise-cancelling mic designed for gaming speakers, perfect for Arena 7/9
  • Open-ear design optimizes listening from any position, combined with Quantum 2.0 Wireless for low-latency comms
  • Ultra comfortable, lightweight design SoftFlex earhooks with three interchangeable sizes
  • Includes a USB-C Wireless dongle and a USB-A adapter for compatibility with PC, Mac, and PlayStation
  • Sonar Software enhances the mic with noise-cancelling AI algorithms, Acoustic Echo Cancellation on Arena 7/9, and audio customization via 10-band Parametric EQ
  • Charge the mic while playing with up to 4.5 hours of use; fast charge functionality brings 1 hour of use in 15 minutes
  • Power, pairing, and mute buttons on the microphone with a red mute LED indicator
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price $99.99
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AI Noise Cancelling Mic

The Supercardioid noise-cancelling microphone, empowered by Sonar Software's ClearCast AI algorithms and Acoustic Echo Cancellation, keeps your team chat noise free, and is the perfect partner for Arena gaming speakers.

A human silhouette models the comfortable design of the arena wireless mic.

Comfortable Design

The ultra comfortable, lightweight design is ideal for long play sessions, with three interchangeable ear hook sizes which are soft and flexible for the perfect fit.

The Arena wireless mic against rippling circles illustrating the mic's wireless capabilities.

Wireless Freedom

Every detail from your speakers reaches you as the open-ear design optimizes listening from any position, combined with gaming-grade Quantum 2.0 Wireless for low-latency comms.

Multi-Platform USB-C

The USB-C Wireless dongle is compatible over PC, Mac, and PlayStation, additionally including a USB-C to USB-A adapter for maximum flexibility.

4.5 Hour Battery Life

Enjoy Play and Charge functionality with up to 4.5 hours of use.

Fast Charge

Bring yourself back into the action quickly with USB-C fast charging in 15 minutes for 1 hour of use.

The user interface of SteelSeries Sonar software, where users can customize their audio experience.

Sonar Audio Software Suite

Conquer the arena with SteelSeries Sonar Software*, which allows you total customization of your audio experience with independent 10-band sound EQ for your Mic and powerful noise-cancelling algorithms with Acoustic Echo Cancellation.

A close up of the Arena Wireless Mic's control buttons.

Onboard Controls

The controls you need are right at your fingertips, with power, pairing, and mute to easily silence the microphone by pressing a button, indicated by a red mute LED.

Find Your Arena

Envelop your gaming space in immersive, premium-quality sound from SteelSeries, for the first time in speaker format. Available in 3 different products, transform your rig into an epic gaming space, completing your audio setup.

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Arena Wireless Mic FAQ

Can I charge the Arena Wireless Mic while using it?

Yes, you can attach the charging cable while using the mic.

Can I wear the Arena Wireless Mic on my right side?

The Arena Wireless Mic should be worn on your left side.

Can I use the Arena Wireless Mic with my PlayStation?

Yes, plug the dongle into an available USB port on your PlayStation. However, Sonar features, such as AI Noise Cancellation and Acoustic Echo Cancellation, are PC only.

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