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Dying Light 2 Tips & Tricks

When the lights go out, will you venture out on the town? Surviving isn't easy in this post-apocalyptic zombie game, but with our tips, you'll live longer and prosper.

Humanity is losing its fight against a deadly zombie virus. As the apocalypse is upon the world, it's up to you to bring a glimmer of hope to the remaining denizens.

Since its release, the game received several updates, which include new dangerous Volatile monsters that roam at night, and advanced Physical and Assisted Modes which include advanced Parkour! If you haven't tried Dying Light 2 Stay Human yet, we have an array of great tips below to get you started, and if you've been looking for a reasopn to get back in, the game also has plenty of community-created maps.

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Dying Light 2 tips

Dying Light 2 parkour

1. Use Survivor Sense to find items

Make sure to spam it to find all the loot you need! Looting is essential to survival in Dying Light 2.

2. You don't have to fight everyhing.

There's no need to fight all the zombies you see. Stick to objectives unless you just want to kill for fun.

3. Use propane tanks and other environmental items

Play smart and kill zombies faster by using the props available to you.

4. Practice Perfect Block

If you block at the right moment, it's much better. Get used to the enemy animations and utilize this to survive longer and fight back harder.

Dying Light 2 Block

5. Parkour all the time

Using Parkour gives you experience points, so use the techniques as much as possible. It's just like jumping in Elder Scrolls!

6. Pay attention to the level requirements

Don't try to rambo through areas that are way above your level. Leveling in this game isn't done in big numbers, so even 1 level is a big difference.

7. Stealth is great

You can bypass so many fights with stealth in Dying Light 2. Stealth takedowns are also very satisfying and you can clear our whole areas like that.

8. Some gear has XP bonuses

You can outfit yourself entirely in XP-boosting gear to advance faster.

Dying Light 2 zombies

9. Upgrade Stamina first

It's just so much more important than health, at least initially. Prioritize finding Inhibitors around the map.

10. The Drop Kick is amazing

Drop kicking zombies off the roof has never felt better.

11. Scout with Binoculars

You can scout ahead and mark interesting landmarks with the Binoculars. Take a moment to look ahead before going in.

12. Vendors refresh gear when you level up

Different vendors sell different gear, too.

13. Dodge with animation canceling

While you can only dodge 3 times in a row before falling over, you can attack after a dodge to start doing it as many times as you want.

What class should you play in Dying Light 2?

Class is kind of a loose term in Dying Light 2, as it is gear that dictates what your character specializes in. Here they are:

  • Brawler gear focuses on one-handed (1H) weapons and melee weapon stamina costs.
  • Medic gear improves parkour damage and healing effectiveness.
  • Ranger gear emphasizes ranged weapons and stealth.
  • Tank gear reduces the damage you take and focuses on two-handed (2H) weapons.

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  1. Visit the Dying Light 2 redemption page and link your profile to your Dying Light 2 account.

  2. Redeemed items for Dying Light will appear in your game as a docket to be exchanged at a Quartermaster. For Dying Light 2 Stay Human players, they will automatically appear in your in-game stash. Make sure to complete the Prologue section to gain access to the item.

  3. The Lars The Troll Weapon Charm won't appear in your inventory until September 7, 2023.

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