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Best Mouse For Valorant

Find the best gaming mouse for Valorant with our handy breakdown of the Prime line.

Valorant, the high-octane, strategy-driven shooter from Riot Games, demands more than just fast reflexes and strategic prowess. It requires the right gear that aligns with its fast-paced, precision-centric gameplay. That's where the SteelSeries Prime series steps in.

Generally bigger, ergonomic, more "sturdy" mice are better for tactical shooters due to people having an easier time controlling the mouse itself. The game doesn't require as many small mouse movements/adjustments as something like Overwatch. In a game that's more fast paced in terms of your mousing skill, usually smaller mice are considered to be "better", whereas for slower-paced and less aim-intensive tac-FPS games, such as CS:GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Valorant, bigger mice can give you some extra stopping power and better mouse control by default.

Essentially both the skill floor, and the skill ceiling for using the mouse is lowered, so it's going to be easier for most people to use.

Prime FPS gaming mice

This is where the SteelSeries Prime FPS mice come in.

Engineered with performance at its core, the Prime series are precision tools built for high-stakes gaming. They are tailored to enhance every aspect of your Valorant gameplay experience, providing the accuracy, speed, and control necessary to excel in this competitive arena.

From the entry-level Prime and the advanced Prime+ to the freedom of the Prime Wireless, each model offers a unique blend of features designed to match your gaming style, preferences, and budget. This allows you to enjoy a seamless, lag-free Valorant gaming experience that meets and exceeds expectations at every price point.

Dive deeper into the specifics, and you'll see how each variant of the Prime series aligns perfectly with your Valorant gameplay:

  • Precision: All SteelSeries Prime models are armed with TrueMove Pro or TrueMove Air sensors, offering up to 18,000 DPI. This exceptional precision ensures accurate shots in Valorant, catering to high-stakes gaming scenarios.

  • Sensitivity (Adjustable DPI): All models offer adjustable DPI settings. This lets Valorant players effortlessly switch between fast-paced maneuvers and precision shots, adapting instantly to the changing demands of the game.

TrueMove Sensor

  • Ergonomics: With a thoughtful ergonomic design, all models suit both palm and claw grip styles. Weights vary from a mere 61g in the Prime Mini Wired to 80g in the Prime Wireless, ensuring sustained comfort and ease of use, crucial during extended gaming sessions.

  • Responsiveness (Low Latency): The Prime and Prime+ models feature the Prestige OM Switches that register an impressively low click latency of average 1.8 m/s. The Prime Wireless, with Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology, ensures lag-free gaming, crucial for timely response in Valorant.

  • Durability: The Prestige OM Switches in Prime and Prime+ models are rated for a 100 million click lifespan, ensuring durability during intense Valorant matches. All models also boast of robust build quality, tailored for heavy-duty gaming.

  • Programmable Buttons: All models feature on-board customization, allowing players to map their Valorant abilities to mouse buttons, ensuring swift, effective responses to whatever happens in-game.

Prime mice buttons

  • Weight and Movement: Whether it's the Prime Wired Mini at 61g or the regular Prime Wireless at 80g, these mice offer smooth, effortless movement with their lightweight design and Pure PTFE glide skates. This is key to Valorant's dynamic gameplay.

  • Wireless Freedom: The Prime Wireless and Prime Mini Wireless offer the liberty of wireless gaming, crucial for swift movements in Valorant without drag or tangles disrupting your gameplay.

  • Reviewers Agree: PC Gamer has put Prime Wireless on their best wireless gaming mice 2023 list.

To sum it up, the SteelSeries Prime series offers unmatched precision, adjustability, comfort, speed, durability, customization, and weight in their respective price ranges. Each model is a testament to superior engineering, built specifically for the high-stakes gameplay of Valorant. Whether you're considering wired options under $40 or wireless under $80, you'll find the best gaming mouse to elevate your Valorant experience. Master the game with SteelSeries Prime, where victory is at your fingertips.

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