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Top Free to Play Genshin Impact Characters

Looking to assemble the perfect Free to Play team? Check out the complete tier list below!

As you traverse the enchanting landscapes and uncover the mysteries of this open-world action role-playing game, one of the most compelling aspects is the diverse roster of characters at your disposal. From nimble archers to powerful fighters, each character brings a unique blend of skills and elemental affinities to the table. In this article, we delve into the realm of Teyvat to explore the best free-to-play Genshin Impact characters, highlighting their abilities, synergies, and the strategic advantages they offer to players in their quest to save the world of Teyvat from a timeless curse.

SHu Tao, Raided Shogun, Kazuha, Bennett, Zhongli
AGanyu, Albedo, Yelan, Venti
BSangonomiya Kokomi

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Best F2P Genshin Impact Characters


Tier: S Weapon: Polearm Element: Pyro

Hu Tao, the enigmatic Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Director, emerges as an exceptional S-tier character for free-to-play enthusiasts in Genshin Impact. Her dynamic skills and HP-based scaling make her a formidable asset, though managing her HP for damage can be intricate. With a Pyro element, she synergizes well within elemental compositions but faces challenges against Pyro-resistant foes.

Devastating Elemental Burst: Her "Crimson Bouquet" inflicts Pyro damage and boosts critical rate based on max HP.

HP-Based Scaling: Abilities scale with her max HP, balancing damage output and survivability.

Self-Sustaining: Elemental Skill, "Guide to Afterlife," deals Pyro damage and heals based on max HP.

Raided Shogun

Genshin Shogun

Tier: S Weapon: Polearm Element: Electro

Raided Shogun’s potent Electro skills and distinctive Elemental Burst mechanics position her as a formidable asset for any team seeking high performance without monetary investment. Nevertheless, while Raiden Shogun unquestionably brings an array of strengths to the fray, there are specific drawbacks to consider.

Energy Generation: Elemental Skill, "Transcendence: Baleful Omen," generates Energy for the team, encouraging synergy.

Swift Attack Speed: Rapid normal attack chain enables consistent Electro damage and efficient reaction triggers.

Energy Reliance: Heavy dependence on Energy generation for Burst, necessitating an Energy Battery support.


Genshin Kazuka

Tier: S Weapon: Sword Element: Anemo

Kazuha’s fluid Anemo skills and crowd-control potential make him an enticing choice for players seeking a flexible and impactful character to add. However, while Kazuha boasts numerous strengths that elevate his status such as increasing mobility and providing agile crowd control , there are certain limitations to consider.

Mobility and Exploration: Elemental Skill boosts jumping and sprinting efficiency, aiding movement.

Versatility: Can function as sub-DPS or support, adapting to various teams.

Team Resonance: Provides "Enduring Rock" resonance, decreasing sprint stamina consumption.


Genshin Bennett

Tier: S Weapon: Sword Element: Pyro

Bennett takes the spotlight as an exceptional S-tier character among Genshin Impact's free-to-play options. His adaptable Pyro abilities and distinctive healing mechanism position him as a sought-after choice for players seeking a reliable and influential character without monetary commitment. Nevertheless, Bennett brings forth a plethora of strengths that firmly categorize him within the S-tier echelon.

Versatile Healing: His "Passion Overload" Elemental Burst inflicts Pyro damage and bestows healing to allies.

Attack Boost: Elemental Burst offers a max HP-dependent attack increase, enhancing overall team damage.

HP-Scaling Dependency: Attack bonus relates to max HP, potentially influencing build optimization.


Genshin Zhongli

Tier: S Weapon: Polearm Element: Geo

Embodying Geo resilience, crowd control prowess, and defensive support that solidify his S-tier status. Zhongli’s authoritative Geo skills and adept crowd-control abilities position him as a coveted choice for players seeking a resilient and impactful character without monetary investment.

Effective Crowd Control: His Elemental Burst, "Planet Befall," generates a potent Geo AoE attack that petrifies enemies, immobilizing them.

Defensive Utility: Elemental Skill, "Dominus Lapidis," crafts a shield according to max HP, fortifying team defense.

Reactions Shortfall: Geo element's challenge in triggering robust elemental reactions affects his support capacity.


Genshin Ganyu

Tier: A Weapon: Bow Element: Cryo

Ganyu's remarkable AoE damage proficiency, and elemental versatility that position her solidly within the A-tier category. Her precise Cryo abilities and remarkable area-of-effect damage potential position her as a valuable option for players in search of a dependable and impactful character without monetary commitment.

Long-Range Accuracy: Charged attack offers accurate, far-reaching damage, suitable for distant enemies.

Elemental Resonance Harmony: Presence contributes to the "Shattering Ice" resonance, enhancing Cryo application.

Learning Curve: Mastery of charged shot aiming and Elemental Burst timing requires practice.


Genshin Albedo

Tier: A Weapon: Sword Element: Geo

Albedo’s adept Geo mastery and versatile elemental skills render him a valuable option for Geon focused teams. Providing an impactful elemental burst character that produces transient blossoms for effective area-of-effect damage. Albedo presents an array of strengths that firmly position him within the A-tier classification.

Elemental Resonance Enhancement: His presence bolsters the "Frenzied Flames" resonance, elevating shield potency.

Versatile Role: Albedo adapts as both DPS and support, fitting diverse teams.

Resource Management Challenge: Requires careful energy handling for sustained Elemental Burst usage.


Tier: A Weapon: Bow Element: Hydro

Yelan emerges as a notable free-to-play choice, embodying Hydro versatility, unique elemental mechanics, and strategic value that firmly establish her within the A-tier echelon. With the capacity to offer both healing and damage through her Elemental Burst, she provides robust support to many teams.

Elemental Resonance Compatibility: Her presence contributes to "Soaked Shadows" resonance, enhancing incoming healing.

Hydro Reaction Enhancement: Abilities amplify Hydro reactions, particularly Vaporize or Freeze.

Limited Elemental Burst Duration: Elemental Burst's effect is time-limited, impacting sustained healing and damage.

### Venti

Venti Genshin

Tier: A Weapon: Bow Element: Anemo

As a proficient crowd-controller, Venti excels in both sub-DPS and support roles. His synergy with other elements allows him to facilitate elemental reactions, enhancing his adaptability in combat situations. His Elemental Skill's gusts of wind not only offer exploration utility but also assist in vertical mobility, aiding in traversing the game world.

Anemo Resonance Harmony: His presence boosts the "Impetuous Winds" resonance, heightening movement speed and stamina consumption reduction.

Energy Particle Generation: Elemental Burst spawns particles, aiding team energy regeneration.

Targeted Damage Limitation: Abilities are more effective against groups of enemies rather than single target.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Genshin Kokomi

Tier: B Weapon: Catalyst Element: Hydro

Serving as the esteemed priestess and leader of the Sangonomiya Shrine, her "Nereid's Ascension" Elemental Burst shines with substantial team healing and damage enhancement capabilities. Kokomi's Elemental Skill generates a healing aura that gradually restores HP and eliminates adverse effects, underscoring her pivotal supportive role. While her primary focus on healing and support might influence her direct damage potential, her presence greatly reinforces team resilience and overall efficiency.

Elemental Resonance Enhancement: Enhances the "Fervent Flames" resonance, augmenting incoming healing effects.

Versatile Healing: "Nereid's Ascension" Elemental Burst offers significant team healing and enhances damage output.

Solo DPS Constraints: Primary DPS potential might be constrained compared to specialized DPS characters.


Genshin Barbara

Tier: C Weapon: Catalyst Element: Hydro

A great alternative to Kokomi, Barbara's passive talents contribute extra healing and utility, enhancing her position as a committed support character. Although her damage output may be comparatively lower, her primary emphasis on healing and support ensures her pivotal role in upholding the team's endurance.

Robust Healing: "Shining Miracle" Elemental Burst delivers substantial team-wide healing, aiding party health.

Max HP Healing Scaling: Healing effectiveness scales with Barbara's Max HP.

Limited Crowd Control: Abilities lack substantial crowd-control effects, possibly limiting utility.

From S-tier standouts like Hu-Tao and Raiden Shogun to A-tier contenders like Yelani and Venti, you have a range of options to shape their ideal team compositions. As adventurers continue to explore the captivating landscapes of Teyvat, this tier list serves as a valuable resource for making informed decisions about character selection, strategy, and team synergy. Remember, while tier rankings offer insights, individual playstyle and preference ultimately define the perfect team in the ongoing journey through this captivating fantasy realm.

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