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Dragon's Dogma 2 Sphinx Riddles Guide

The Sphinx in Dragon's Dogma 2 has many riddles — there are two parts! We have a solution for each one.

A Game of Wits is an awesome quest series in Dragon's Dogma 2. If you and your Pawns are struggling to complete one of them, don't worry, we have tips for each quest. Either make a backup save or be confident about the steps, because if you mess up, the Sphinx will leave your game and you can't retry a puzzle or keep going.

How to find the Sphinx

You unlock the A Game of Wits quest simply by finding the Sphinx, which is at the Mountain Shrine. Head north from the Checkpoint Rest Town. Pass the Ancient Battleground, and then Worldsend Caven. Eventually you'll reach the Shrine Corridor.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Sphinx locationMap from the Dragon's Dogma 2 Wiki

Sphinx Riddles, Part 1

1. The Riddle of Eyes

Travel to the cave, and look for an item. Dodge the traps and defeat a few enemies on the way. You will find a Sealing Phial in a chest, and that's what you need to give to the Sphinx (don't use it!). The chest is on a path going up to the left when facing the door.

2. The Riddle of Madness

You need to bring your beloved character to the Sphinx, someone you romanced. The Sealing Phial can let you put a character in your inventory as though they were an item, for transport. Otherwise you can carry the character. Else use a Ferrystone. A character you romanced will have redder cheeks.

3. The Riddle of Wisdom

Inside the Rift, there will be a developer-made Pawn called SphinxFather. You need to bring this Pawn to the Sphinx.

4. The Riddle of Conviction

Give any item to the Sphinx, and that solves the riddle. Your item will be duplicated and given back to you, so make sure to give up something valuable.

5. The Riddle of Rumination

Return to where you picked up the first Seeker's Token. You'll just have to remember where that happened, because you won't get any indicators otherwise. This valuable item can be found in many secret places. Hopefully the first was memorable! There's no time limit, so you may have to retrace a lot if you can't remember. A Finder's Token awaits you at the spot, and bring it back to the Sphinx.

This finishes the first half of the quest. Now the Sphinx will move to Frontier Shrine; note that it's actually possible to hitch a ride with the Sphinx if you grab on as she is leaving.

Sphinx Riddles, Part 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 Sphinx 2nd locationMap from the Dragon's Dogma 2 Wiki

1. The Riddle of Reunion

This is freebie just for finding the Sphinx in her second location! You can get the chest on the left and receive 100,000 G. Nice.

2. The Riddle of Recollection

This asks you how many riddles you have completed so far. Bring over the same number of statues equaling to have many puzzles you've done. You may get this riddle in a different order. Either check the number of treasures you've opened, or look at the wings of the Sphinx, there is a visual cue on the feathers. They light up depending on how many puzzles were solved.

3. The Riddle of Contest

It's time to fight. An enemy will spawn, and simply defeat it. You can even push it off the ledge if you want.

4. The Riddle of Futility

You need to bring a delicate vase to its destination, called Mural Byway. Bring it to a person next to a Sphinx statue. Talking to them will put the vase down and fulfill the delivery. You can see a port crystal for this, too.

5. The Riddle of Differentiation

This is a fun reference to Devil May Cry. You need to speak either to Dante or Vergil, who are in different locations. Dante is in Checkpoint Rest Town, north Battahl. Vergil is in Bakbattahl. The Sphinx will show you a picture of a man, and you need to spot some details to determine which twin you need.

Bring one of them to the Sphinx.

Battle the Sphinx

If you've done all 10 riddles now, you need to defeat the Sphinx now. Start the fight by attacking the Sphinx. You can kill it with the Unmaking Arrow if you want. You need to hit only the "animal parts" of the Sphinx, or else it will fly away. You may want to tell your Pawns to Wait so they don't mess this up.

And that's it for the Sphinx riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2! Hope you managed to do all of them without a hitch. Else, try reloading an earlier save or do it on your next playthrough.

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