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Best Award-Winning Gaming Headset - Rolling Stone

Our Arctis Nova Pro Wireless isn't stopping anytime soon, so if you have yet to jump in on it, it's never too late.

SteelSeries is more than just gaming. More than just innovation. It's also a lifestyle. We hit it off with gamers, that's obvious. But the reach of SteelSeries has been expanding into mainstream media as well. Our products have been featured in countless magazines for various outlets, in everything from publications for men, women, lifestyle advice, music, electronics, science, and more.

And we keep on winning.

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless has been celebrated for two years in a row as the "Best Gaming Headphones," both in 2023 and 2024.

The active noise cancellation is the best we’ve ever tested, to the point where you won’t even hear keyboard and mouse clicks during your most intense gaming sessions.

Rolling Stone award 2023 gaming headset

That was just the beginning... in 2024, this is what Rolling Stone had to say:

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro gaming headset leaves its competition in the dust, delivering premium audio that’s clear and complex, while its noise-canceling and 360-degree spatial audio features gives gamers a deeper sense of immersion.

Rolling Stone award 2024 gaming headset

As you can see, there's simply no one else better out there. One of the biggest and most influential music and lifestyle magazines lauds our headset for all of its features, plus the ability to connect to a console and a gaming PC setup simultaneously via the Multi-System Connect feature, "thanks to a robust base station that's designed for precision audio."

Crafted from the ground up, the Arctis Nova Pro series produces a new level of excellence for high-fidelity audio, AI-powered voice clarity, and all-day comfort with sleek Danish design aesthetics that seamlessly transfer between an array of gaming platforms like never before.

Of course, Arctis Nova Pro Wireless has been widely celebrated across many tech and gaming publications, so here's a non-exhaustive sampler list:

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Arctis Nova Pro Wireless awards

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