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Diablo IV How to Reset Dungeon

Want to figure out how to quickly reset a dungeon so you can run it again? There are some quick ways.

Farming dungeons is a great way to get XP, especially with a buff to Nightmare Dungeons. Whether you're looking to grind a regular dungeon or its Nightmare version, you might be looking for a way to quickly reset the dungeon. While the Diablo IV beta had a button in the social wheel to reset it, that option has been gone. However, Blizzard has changed their mind and enabled a really quick and easy way to reset dungeons in Diablo IV.

New Diablo IV Reset Dungeon Button

Diablo 4 dungeon reset

Since patch 1.1.0, Blizzard updated Diablo IV with a dedicated Reset Dungeon button. So there's no need to exit the game or do any special tricks.

Simply press J (default for the Journal) to open up your quests. On the lower right, you will see a "Reset Dungeon" button, hit it and confirm.

Reset a Diablo IV dungeon while solo

Diablo 4 dungeons

In order to reset a Diablo IV dungeon, leave the game that you're currently in, then log back in. That will reset the dungeon for you.

After beating the dungeon (or even before, if you want), press Escape and either Leave the Game or Exit completely. Restart the game and log back in, then jump on the same character. The dungeon will be reset.

Alternatively, if you don't want to restart the game maybe because that takes a while, you can simply wait. "Leave the Dungeon" by using the social wheel options, which takes you to the front. Then wait a couple of minutes, and come back in, and the dungeon should be reset.

Any portals you leave the in dungeon will prevent it from resetting. "Leave the Dungeon" does not leave a portal behind.

Reset a Diablo IV dungeon while grouped

Diablo IV group

While you can do a similar thing solo, you can reset the dungeon while in a group a little differently. Have your leader leave the group, and that will take people out of the dungeon. Press "O" to access the Social menu and then click Leave the Party.

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