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Diablo IV Focus Farming Chart

Looking for a specific piece for your Diablo IV character? Farm smarter, not harder. Did you know that you can target specific drop types? Here's how.

Looking for some Diablo IV farming tips? While many of us do enjoy the endless grind, there are ways to farm smarter.

While some may have speculated about this for a while, there's confirmation now. Diablo IV indeed has targeted farming, meaning, certain monster types have a higher tendency to drop certain kinds of items. So if you're looking for daggers or a staff for your Sorceress or one-handed axe, you'll be able to increase the odds of getting such specific kinds of items.

The chart below shows you which kind of creature type tends to drop which kinds of gear more often. It's estimated that they drop that item 5 times more often (in comparison to the other types of random items they can drop). So you will still get other things, but some types will drop more often.

The chart also tells you what is the best dungeon from which to farm those creatures (in bolded letters are best).

Diablo IV Farming tips

User Nearby-Pop-9222 on Reddit compiled this Diablo IV chart.

Note which are the recommended dungeons in order to get the highest number of such creatures.

The same user also comments about jewelry; they believe that amulets and rings have roughly the same drops for everyone, regardless of monster type. So there may not be a good way to target jewelry from creatures, but you can always spend your Obols on them, open specific Helltide Chests, and do Grim Favors.

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