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How to Get Better at COD Warzone: Free Aim Trainer & Tips

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is still going strong, and if you want to get ahead of the competition in this battle royale, you need to arm yourself with some tips.

We've got some of the best tips in order to help you to get good at COD: Warzone 2. Even though it can be a difficult game, with some tips to improve and aim practice, you can get into that final circle a lot more often. Whatever your playstyle, we'll help you out.

The first few tips help you out before you even get into a game of Warzone.

1. Adjust field of view

From the main menu, go to Settings, then in the top right corner, go to Quick Settings.

The larger the number of your field of view, the more of the battlefield you can take in around you. With 120 FOV, you can see a lot around you without even needing to turn around. But be careful, the higher your FOV, the more difficult it will be to land shots, especially if far away.

Experiment a little to see what works for you, maybe start off with 100 or 105 at first.

2. Turn off automatic parachute deployment

In Settings, search for Parachute. Auto Deploy has a chance to activate the parachute too early, especially if you fly over certain terrain. You don't want to deploy too early, as you want to get to the ground as quickly as possible.

Practice timing your parachute so that you use it right where you want to deploy, and as close to the ground as permissible. Every second can matter.

Call of duty warzone improvements

3. Practice foundations, such as aiming

Your team is only as strong as the weakest player. You must build the foundations before going into more specific game mechanics.

If you constantly find yourself losing aim battles then practicing your aim will benefit you. Try 3D Aim Trainer — a free platform where you can play hundreds of exercises designed to improve your aim, reaction time, muscle memory, crosshair control and more. They also have an Academy where you can dig deeper and train your flick shots and the rest of the aim sub skills!

4. Change Armor Plate behavior

Armor Plates are essential to your survival. You'll be activating those all the time.

Make your life a bit easier (and longer) by changing the Behavior in Settings. By default, you have to tap the button each time to keep applying the plate, but you can make it so that the button can be held down to continue.

5. Proxy Chat settings

Turn on subtitles for Proxy Chat and the volume up to gain an advantage. It will warn you of enemies nearby, especially if they're having conversations or breathing into their mic. Speaking of that, you can avoid the problem with the noise-cancelling mics featured on our gaming headsets, such as Nova 7 and Pro lines. This can give you a nice advantage especially if you're in a noisy place, such as a dorm room.

The audio cues are vital in the game. You need to identify the direction of gunshots. You need to hear footsteps coming around. You can do all that with Sonar's audio presets, which has a specific audio preset for Warzone 2.

How to get better at COD

6. Maximize backpack storage

Take advantage both of your inventory and your reserved backpack. You can store multiples of most items in your backpack, unlike your main inventory.

Hold your extra killstreak rewards in your backpack and use them at an opportune moment!

7. Strafe while looting

Try not to stand still while looting, as you can be killed right in that moment. Even if it will make you look silly and the area seems clear, there will one day come a time when you don't do it and you will be shot.

8. Be ruthless in the Gulag

Ultimately, you're on your own, so keep your own survival in mind first. Try to gauge where the enemy goes when you look at their outline before the timer starts. It might foretell which direction the opponents take.

COD aim training free

9. No need to finish off downed opponents immediately

Instead of killing them, you can hold the interact button to get some information out of them — the locations of their teammates. It makes it very easy to kill of teammates, as you'll basically be "wall-hacking" them, something extremely helpful in a battle royale like Warzone 2.

10. Make Custom Loadouts quickly

Click on weapons in the top menu tab and manually put together a loadout. Although you're only dropping with a pistol, it is still advantageous to make loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

During the game, you can see Loadout drops which will appear with yellow icons. Two Loadout drops will happen during a match, early on and then later in the game. When you pick up a custom Loadout, the old one will drop, and your teammates can pick through it.

11. Use Contracts

In Warzone 2, you will see Contracts as green icons on the map. These are quick in-game missions that you can complete for some XP. Secure Intel and Safe Cracker are probably the easiest bounties. Most Wanted ones are the hardest, only do them if you're desperate to save teammates.

12. Share resources with teammates

Don't be stingy about sharing resources like ammunition with your teammates in Call of Duty. Pool your resources to increase your chances of winning. Also don't hoard the cash you get; go to a $ icon on the map and spend it to improve your guns, and thus, your odds of winning.

Also, make sure to communicate with your teammates. A team that talks is generally much more successful and can plan approaches. If people separate, it will quickly fall apart.

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