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How to Get Better at CSGO: Free Aim Trainer & Tips

Looking to get better at Counter Strike: Global Offensive? Not only we have a few tips, but also the perfect, stress-free method of getting better, 100% guaranteed.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a challenging FPS, undoubtedly. Getting better at it can take a long time. But it will take even longer if you don't approach it correctly. Over a longer time, you can develop muscle memory that will lead you to dominate on more CS:GO maps than before.

We have a few important tips to help you get better, but remember that the best teacher is just practice. We have a great solution for that, too.

Practice Crosshair Placement

This is probably the most important thing to work on. You need to guide your crosshair into positions where you expect the enemy to be. If you're going around the corner but your crosshair isn't pointed at a possible location of an enemy, you can lose even a second of adjustment time that will mean a difference between life and death. The time it will take you to aim and swivel might make you lose against better players.

Know your angles, know your crosshair placement, and shave off the time it takes to acquire a target. Think about where your crosshair is at all times.

Crosshair placement is essential, then comes the reaction speed and the flick shot accuracy. so practice, practice, practice!

A good way to start practicing for free is 3D Aim Trainer. It is a great aim training platform for CS:GO and other FPS games. You can sync your sensitivity settings from the game and practice playing the exercises for reaction speed and flicking.

Use a Throw Bind

Try to integrate a jump-throw keybind into your game. You've probably seen some smoke guides on YouTube, but it's this keybind that can improve your grenade gameplay. You can make throws that haven't been possible before with just one key.

Use the following command to create this binding by typing this into the console (opened with ~). You can replace alt with any other key if desired.

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"; alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"; bind alt "+jumpthrow"

Want to see all this in action? Check out this guide video from PimpCSGO:

Develop Counter Strafing

The video above explains another very good technique to get better at CS:GO. Counter strafing means quickly stopping your movement by "counter balancing" the motion with the opposite direction. So if you're holding A to strafe left, let go of it and tap D, and you should stop instantly in place. This also sets you up to take a shot right away.

Peek Like a Pro

In combination with good crosshair placement, shoulder peeking can also be key. Shoulder peeking means showing just a little bit of yourself, but not enough to be hit. The harder you are to kill, the better of a player you'll be.

Be careful to not expose yourself too much, as you can get hit. Staying alive can be a lot more important to winning the match than just diving into a fight. Practice shoulder peeking to make it a lot harder for your opponents to kill you. Resist the urge to be the hero that Aces the enemy team as that's generally not going to happen (sorry!). Most often, surviving and having your teammates back you up and you doing the same to them will improve your play in CS:GO.

Don't forget to visit 3D Aim Trainer to simulate CS:GO conditions and practice key aspects of aiming, like flicking, target switching, and click timing.

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