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CS:GO Guide and Tips with FaZe Members

How can you get better at CS:GO? We've asked the top experts for you, so you can get more wins. Read tips from FaZe's Karrigan, Twistzz, and Ropz to see their preferred settings, practice methods, and useful techniques.

We sat down with world's top players to learn a little more about their favorite FPS as we continue to celebrate different gaming genres during Game On. Don't forget to keep coming back every week as we put up more free game codes for redemption -- they are in limited quantities!

Without further ado, let's get into the questions with FaZe Karrigan, FaZe Twistzz, and FaZe ropz.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Tips from FaZe Karrigan

FaZe Karrigan

What is your go-to starting round pistol purchase and why (for counter-terrorist and terrorist side)?

I always buy grenades to support the team, it all depends on which nades are needed in the round. Lately I have been dropping 2x Dualis on CT side to setup my teammates for success.

If you’re on the counter-terrorist side, is it worth prioritizing a smoke or a frag grenade? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

You always want to buy a smoke. In many cases a smoke is used to “block” the enemies from entering a bombsite or choke point. Meaning, you are able to buy time for the rotation to come in. The first instinct players get when they see a smoke, is that it is impossible to go through.

Do you downscale your game? What are the best monitor settings?

I downscale my game to 4:3, because it feels better, and honestly, I can’t get used to 16:9, even though it has some advantage with more view. The best monitor settings depend on player, but the key things for me are: high digital vibrance and black equalizer on high, besides dynamic contrast on premium.

When you’re on T side, what factors go into deciding between sites A and B?

A lot of factors go into deciding where to go. First of all, preparation, and realizing weak points in the defense. In the game itself, it depends on the information that’s available in the round. How many grenades did CTs use? What kind of aggressive peaks did they do? And deciding to go for A or B depends on what map control we gathered before executing a play.

What’s the first thing you say in a CS lobby when you join online? What’s your “mic check” response?

My first response is: "Hello, hello, test 123?" That's basically the Karrigan mic-check style!

CS:GO Tips from FaZe Twistzz

FaZe Twistzz

When looking from corners, how do you position your crosshair? What are your tips on playing around corners?

Clearing corners is all about crosshair placement and where you think the enemy will be once you're rounding the corner, how you successfully clear the corner is usually based off movement though, since typically you should have a disadvantage when peeking into a player.

What is the best way to entry frag?

I would say, practice comfortable run paths and try to obtain info on which site player will most likely be so you can increase your chances of cracking a site open.

How do you position your keyboard on the desk? What is your preferred keyboard type and why? (type of buttons, TKL or not, etc.)

I have binds on my numpad so I can't use a TKL keyboard. The positioning itself is based off what I'm comfortable with in the moment, but it's usually the same day-to-day, I use my monitor as a reference point.

What is your preferred mouse DPI? Why do you use that one?

I've always used 400 DPI, it's much more comfortable for me in-game and for general browsing on my PC.

When a bomb is dumped on you, do you hold it or pass it to someone else?

Well, it depends if it was dropped on me intentionally or if it was passed randomly at the beginning of the round. Typically, my position should not be responsible for the bomb since I gather a lot of info on every map so it would be unlikely that I am planting in a 5 v X situation. If you drop the bomb with no goal in mind then you should try a bit harder for your teammates :D

CS:GO Tips from FaZe ropz

FaZe ropz

How do you practice gun recoil/spray patterns with various weapons?

Spraying into a wall is always a good method; see how your bullets hit and then adjust your spray until you feel good. I also like load up an aim map and spray a full magazine into bots, usually going for headshots only.

Any tips for lining up smoke grenades? What are the best ways to practice the use of smoke grenades?

The easiest way to line up is always with your crosshair, that's usually the fastest. Sometimes you may not be able to, so you can use other references on your screen. Use parts of your HUD, the actual smoke grenade and its pin to line up and even net_graph, which shows some useful information like your frames per second. The best way is just to learn some of the basic and well-known smokes then memorize them. From there you can try to improvise and come up with your own variations.

Is it worth learning how to b-hop and has it helped you?

B-hop is definitely a useful skill, even at the highest levels. In CS:GO, it's kind of random whether you get good speed on your b-hop, but when you do, you can often surprise your enemies. You can be in certain spots faster than normally. It has definitely helped me, and I have practiced my movement for many years. It makes yourself more confident, too, as you can do way cleaner and smoother peeks and different jumps.

What is the best map to practice on (or your favorite)?

Dust2 is the usual go-to map for DM sessions and training your aim. But there definitely isn't a single best one. They're all more or less even and it goes by personal preference. My own favorite to play is probably Nuke.

Besides the tips from the FaZe clan, you should also pay attention to your aim. According to 3D Aim Trainer and their guide on how to improve in CS:GO, the most important things for this game are:

  • super quick reaction speed
  • having accurate flick shots
  • learning recoil and controlling it
  • crosshair placement

There are plenty of exercises on their platform to train each of these factors. Let's say you are in Dust2, and you spot an enemy peeking behind a wall. Your crosshair placement is crucial — it must be as close as possible to the enemy that just appeared in your view. Then comes your reaction speed; you need to react and move your crosshair from the current location to the head of the target. If you haven’t built your muscle memory and hand-eye coordination, you’re probably dead by now because the enemy reacted faster than you and took the kill. This is why 3D Aim Trainer argues that daily aim practice is crucial for FPS success.

And there you go folks, an insider look at the way FaZe dominates in CS:GO games. Share the guide if you found it helpful and make sure to return for more Game On goodies!