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How to Hear Footsteps Better in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with Sonar

Whether you’re in a multiplayer match or in the Warzone, listening to footsteps can drastically change the outcome of a fight. Using our free software, Sonar, you can adjust audio to allow you to hear footsteps easier.

SteelSeries headsets offer fantastic audio and microphone qualities, but did you know that we also provide deeper audio customization through our free software Sonar? Sonar allows users to enhance their audio experience through easy to change preset audio profiles as well as a pro-grade 10-band Parametric EQ. The main feature we’ll focus on here is the preset audio profile made specifically for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

The best part is that Sonar is compatible with any headset which means that even if you haven’t had the chance to purchase a SteelSeries headset just yet, you’re still in luck!

Think you’re ready to dive in? Let’s check out these easy steps.

How to Set Audio Profiles in Sonar

First, you’ll want to make sure you have the SteelSeries GG app installed and either create an account or login to program. SteelSeries GG is our all-inclusive free app that allows users to customize their SteelSeries gear with engine, capture gaming accomplishments with moments, and personalize audio experiences with Sonar.

1. Select Sonar in the GG Bar on the left side.

SteelSeries GG software menu.

2. Click on the Game section in the top navigation panel.

Game navigation in SteelSeries GG

Here is the Game Tab where you can personalize your in-game audio experience.

3. Set your preferred Audio Preset and Enable Spatial Audio.

Sonar audio configuration for Call of Duty.

Next to configuration there will be a drop-down menu where you can select your designated Audio Preset, here you can choose either COD Warzone 2 or COD Modern Warfare II depending on which mode you’ll be playing. (Here you can see some of the other games that have supported audio presets!)

This preset will specifically highlight the frequencies of footsteps in Call of Duty. You'll also hear the immersion and revive sound factors better.

Under Configuration, you can also change your preferences on Bass, Voice and Treble if you prefer to raise or lower those sliders. The Parametric EQ has tons of options to customize your audio if you want, though choosing the preset will set them for you without having to do any tinkering.

Keep scrolling down to enable Spatial Audio. Spatial Audio allows you to feel more immersed in the environment by bringing in 360° degree audio to your headset.

How to enable Spatial Audio

With the 360° audio, you’ll be able to distinguish exactly which direction your enemies are coming from.

4. Set Call of Duty Game Sound Device to SteelSeries Sonar — Gaming

The final step you’ll need to do is ensure that your Call of Duty game has the Game Sound Device set to SteelSeries Sonar — Gaming. (You can also have this set to default if Sonar — Gaming is your default audio source.)

Call of Duty Audio settings

This menu can be found under Settings -> Audio -> Volumes.

Now Sonar will allow you to hear footsteps clearer than ever in Multiplayer and Warzone! Download Sonar now.

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