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Diablo IV Helltide Mystery Chest Locations

Helltides are a great way to get more loot in Diablo IV, but if you're smart about it, you can get even more. We'll help you get the important Mystery Chests.

There are many ways to get great loot in Diablo IV: dungeons, bosses, sidequests, campaign, Obols, PvP, etc... But one of the endgame activities is particularly profitable if you come prepared and know where to look.

What are Helltides?

In Diablo IV, Helltides are timed events that can happen across any zone. They take over two zones and will be marked on your map, so always be checking that. The zone gets marked by red, as hellspawn escapes to take over the zone temporarily, for an hour.

During the 1-hour window, players can gather Aberrant Cinders from any monsters they kill. There is a timer and a counter for your Cinders as you kill things in the zone.

Your primary objective should be to farm as many Cinders as possible without dying and finding and opening Tortured Gift chests. They will be marked on the map once you find some.

Tortured Gift chests in Diablo IV

There are several kinds of special chests that you can find during the event:

  • Tortured Gift of Protection (Boots, Chest, Helm, Gloves, Pants; Requires 75 Cinders)
  • Tortured Gift of Rings (Requires 75 Cinders)
  • Tortured Gift of Jewelry/Light Weaponry (Requires 125 Cinders)
  • Tortured Gift of Heavy Weaponry (two-handers) (Requires 150 Cinders)
  • Tortured Gift of Mysteries (Requires 250 Cinders)

The Jewelry one is 125 for Amulets, while Rings remain at 75.

The most special Chests that we will focus on are the last kind, of Mysteries. Those can drop at least 5 Legendary and often Unique items too (all Sacred or Ancestral). These chests are hidden a bit better and only show up on the minimap when you're close to them, but their locations are static.

Tortured Gift of Mysteries Locations

Helltide chest locations

r/diablo4 user cloudeightk compiled a Diablo IV mystery chest location map, placing them as red dots all over Sanctuary. Pictured above is the slightly clearer version from Wowhead. Below, the same Reddit user made yet another map that shows events as well.

Helltide map Diablo IV

You can also use a handy Helltide tracker website which will tell you when when the event starts and display a map.

Diablo IV Helltide tips

  • Head for public events to maximize the amount of Cinders you can get, and you will get Obols at the same time!
  • Play with a group if possible; it may be worth it to split to cover more ground and to track the Mystery chests, but if you're struggling, stick together.
  • Be aware of the timer at all times. Your Cinders will disappear once the event is over, so you must spend them before the time is up.
  • Do not die! Dying causes you to lose half your Cinders, so that could be a drastic setback if you had many.
  • While going around, look for Screaming Hell Veins (for Forgotten Souls) and Fiend Roses. Those are excellent materials to upgrade/enchant your gear. Clicking on those nodes is also a good way to get a few Cinders.
  • Dungeons/cellars don't have anything special in them during Helltide and they aren't part of the event. You won't get any Cinders there.

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