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Best Wireless Xbox Gaming Headsets

Have you been searching for a headset for your Xbox, but weren't sure which one to get? This is a handy guide to achieve your decision.

We have many gaming headsets available for Xbox, but which one is best for you? We'll take a look at three headsets today, all wireless. These wireless gaming headsets are all great options for Xbox, but I think we have a clear winner here. Depending on your budget, make the right choice for yourself to enjoy awesome gaming audio on Xbox!

Best Xbox gaming headsets

ModelArctis 9XArctis Nova 7X WirelessArctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox & PC
Launch Date201920222022
Official for Xbox CertificationXbox gaming headsetXbox gaming headsetXbox gaming headset
Xbox Wireless
2.4GHz Wireless
Mix Bluetooth + Xbox Audio
Active Noise Cancellation
Wireless Base Station with OLED Screen
Compact USB-C Dongle
Battery Life20 HR38 HRUnlimited (2x22 HR)
USB-C Fast Charge✔, 6HR✔, 3HR
ClearCast Retractable Mic✔, Partially Retractable✔ (Gen 2), Fully Retractable✔ (Gen 2), Fully Retractable
Speaker SystemArctis SignatureNova Acoustic SystemNova Pro Acoustic System
Multi-Platform SupportXboxXbox, PC, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, Quest 2, USB-C iPad/Tablet, MacXbox, PC, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, Quest 2, USB-C iPad/Tablet, Mac

As you can see, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox & PC is our best offering, checking nearly every box. Let's delve deeper into its features and compare it to competitors to see why it's worth the money.

Award-winning Xbox Headset

Xbox headset awards

The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox & PC is a recipient of numerous awards. "The active noise cancellation is the best we’ve ever tested," wrote Rolling Stone, calling it the Best Gaming Headphones.

IGN gave it a 10/10 Masterpiece. Does a gamer need any more endorsments?

PopSci placed the Arcits Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox in their Best Entertainment Innovations 2022 list. The accolades speak for themselves as to what the best headset for Xbox truly is, and it's none other than the SteelSeries one.

Multi-Platform Xbox Headset

Multi-platform xbox headset

Want a headset that simply works with nearly everything? A huge plus of the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox is that it works with most platforms. Xbox and PC, check. Mac and PlayStation? Check. Nintendo Switch and mobile devices? Check. Your tablet? Sure. Whether you want to be a platform overlord or grab the headset with you when you go out, it does it all.

What's more, the Wireless Base Station included with the device allows you to connect to platforms at once, which you can switch between with a press of a button. Have your Xbox by your PC? Easy, plug in both and then switch between them easily. It's a modern setup for a high-tech gaming headset. You also have total control of the headset with the Station, allowing you to access a multitude of settings easily.

Clean Up Your Voice Comms

Best gaming mic

It would be great to be able to limit distractions when you hop on Xbox Live, so that your teammates don't hear your crunching or rustling of a snack bag. If only headsets did that... the header already spoiled it!

The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless microphone has bidirectional design, which on console reduces noise by up to 25dB. Compared to the competition, it is up to 10x more effective, as based on our testing, we've seen other headsets reduce it only by 2dB. Don't fall from claims from other headset makers.

Ultra-thin Steel Headband, Beautiful Danish Design

Best xbox gaming headset

This design speaks for itself. Created with Danish virtuoso Jakob Wagner, the Nova Pro has a unique metallic design, sleeker and more stylish than other headsets. The headband itself took 50,000 lbs of pressure to be melded into its shape! Under it is a comfort band (did you know that we offer various headset accessories to change up the colors?) that's part of our aptly named ComfortMAX system.

While the soft headband cushions your noggin, there are multiple points of adjustment for the headset to find the most ideal fit ever. The headband extends or retracts for a snug fit, and it is also flexible to stretch apart to fit a bigger head. The earcups also rotate and twist, which helps with the perfect fit or for a snug rest on your chest when you want to listen to your surroundings for a bit. Also don't forget those breathable AirWeave memory foam cups.

Unlimited Battery

Best gaming headset

One drawback to wireless headsets is power. At some point, they will need to be plugged in or charged, and you might forget to do that in between your gaming or work sessions. Well, we eliminiated that problem with the Infinity Power system.

Say goodbye to cables as your wireless headset uses a sleek battery system. The solution is simple: there are two batteries. One you're using, while the other is charging up in your Wireless Base Station. Whenever the first battery is running low, you simply need to swap them, a process that can take as little as 10 seconds, really (I've practiced and can get it done pretty fast!). Take out the battery from the headset, plug in the fresh one, and the headset should automatically power on if you do it within 8 seconds.

In any case, no need to fret about running out of power on your wireless headset, which is a common headache.

Amazing Sound - And More of the Sound You Want

Best surround sound headset

While we've been busy gushing over the big features of the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, we've neglected to mention perhaps the most important one: amazing, high-quality audio. Our custom-designed hi-res-capable (10Hz-40kHz) Premium High Fidelity Drivers enhance your gaming and music experience.

Another feature that is pretty rare on gaming headsets is active noise cancellation, but in this case, the SteelSeries headset delivers. Many reviewers have praised the ANC (again, see the Rolling Stone review on the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless). It's perfect when you want to filter out other noises, be it people or hums of air conditioning or keyboard clacks, and just disappear into the world of your game. Also great when traveling on the go. This is the best audio we've got, and it can go with you wherever you want.

Hopefully you've made a decision about buying an Xbox gaming headset. Refer to the table above for details, and visit our gaming headsets page for other options.

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