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Best Side Button Gaming Mouse for CS:GO

The Rival 5 is an ergonomic 9-button mouse with 5 quick action side buttons designed for top speed in CS:GO. Here's how to customize it for the game.

Find yourself playing a lot of CS:GO? It's a challenging game, so you probably have a good idea of what button you want mapped to which action on your gaming mouse. That's part of what makes you so skilled at the game, after all.

So, when it comes to CS:GO, do you know exactly what you need? Pick up a gaming mouse that can do exactly what you're looking for. If you need to up your skills in CS:GO, you can do just that with the SteelSeries Rival 5.

Why the Rival 5?

Rival 5 mouse You can use the Rival 5 for any genre of game you choose. It can change things up to fit the games you choose, from RPGs to MOBAs and everything in between. The Rival 5 can be used with just about anything.

That means the Rival 5 is also perfect for complete customization for the games you play the most, like CS:GO. You can assign each button to the actions you have in mind, so the mouse performs exactly as you'd expect. It includes a 5-button side panel with a one-of-a-kind toggle switch that allows for fast-twitch actions in-game.

You can also rely on the mouse's TrueMove Air Sensor for accurate movements and blindingly fast speeds. It comes with custome true 1 to 1 tracking, elevated performance, and a comfortable grip for each hand.

How to set up the Rival 5 for CS:GO

An easy diagram to follow featuring the actions you can assign in CS:GO. Looking to pick up a Rival 5 for use with CS:GO? Be sure to customize it just the way you like it. This can mean assigning a custom setup to the mouse for use with this particular game, which we've already taken the guesswork out of for you. Here are some ideas for what you can assign to each button so you can jump right back into the game as quickly as possible.

1 (Left Click): Fire

2 (Right Click): Scope

3 (Scroll Wheel): Pings

4 (Middle Button): Cycle Profiles

5 (Side Button): Re-buy

6 (Side Button A): Grenade Cycle

7 (Side Button B): Primary Weapon 1

8 (Side Button C): Push to Talk

9 (Side Button D): Crouching

With the Rival 5, you can set up a control profile that works for you. There's a set of button functions for everyone that can help secure a win, so it's best to figure out what's best for your style of play. That's the beauty of this model -- it's going to be able to accommodate just about anything you need, so don't be afraid to mix and match button combinations.

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Want to chat about the Rival 5 and everything it can do? Be sure to join the SteelSeries Discord to hang out with plenty of like-minded folks!