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Staff Q&A: Best Game Ever?

Here's what SteelSeries employees said when asked about their personal favorite game of all time:

Jon from marketing:
Syphon Filter, because of the childhood memz + the best in-game weapon of all time, the taser.

Brandon from customer experience:
I know it's strange but Smackdown vs Raw 2006.

Joel from software:
Baldur's Gate II. And I mean, have you played it? It's a masterpiece.

Kendall from R&D:
Goldeneye, some of the best memories I have is playing all night and eating warheads in my friends basement, always trying to be the first to grab Oddjob since his hitbox was smaller :)

Michael from software:
Probably Age of Empires II, played that probably more than any game ever and never got bored.

Kristen from customer experience:
Currently on my second playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, & even though I've put over 400 hours into this game, I feel like there is still so much I haven't discovered yet. Definitely my favorite game of all time!

John from the web team:
Metroid Prime - amazing atmosphere, perfect 'metroidvania', lots of replayability.

Megan from marketing:
There are so many that I could say: StarCraft II, Dota 2, and several Final Fantasy titles are all near and dear to me...but if I had to pick one, it would have to be Ocarina of Time, which takes me back to a time when I could get completely captivated by a game. It's one of the few that I can still enjoy 20+ years later.

Matt from software:
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Best Mario game ever, fight me. You solve a train murder mystery, you win wrestlemania, you fly to the moon, it's great.

Ron from customer experience:
Super Mario World! I played this game SOOO much as a kid and I basically know everything about it. Even years after the game was made its community lived on through SMW Rom Hacks which paved the way for Super Mario Maker.

Toni from the web team:
Hollow Knight. Charming hand drawn art, challenging, free DLCs, so polished and so much content for $15. Did I mention cute af?

Eric from the web team:
Rocket League. It's easy to play, but hard to master. After 850 hours in the game, I'm still learning new mechanics and positioning every day. There's a great community of modders that create fun and insanely unique custom maps. There's highly skilled players releasing training and warmup modes. There's high production YouTubers like SunlessKahn releasing interesting content around the game constantly.

I've probably spent 300 hours just in training. That's what's so fun about the mechanics of this game. Learning to control your car is like learning to play guitar and controlling your car is only the beginning.

But, the best part is and always will be, queuing up ranked with your friends or going head to head in in-house 3v3s.

Chris from software:
Killer is Dead!

Kleon from marketing:
Counter-Strike. It's been a constant in my life and I still play every week. Nothing else matches how smooth the mechanics are and all the tactical components. Getting kills makes you feel so accomplished too.

Matt H. from R&D:
Super Mario RPG for the SNES is usually my go-to. It's just a really solid JRPG and I enjoyed the timing-based battle system a lot. I loved the music, too.

10six / Project Visitor - I've never really played anything else that has been like that game. It had an incredibly addictive competitive and co-operative persistent online system with a really interesting community. It just never really attracted enough players to take off. It was released 20 years ago and one of the devs is still basically running it out of his garage to this day, haha.

Demon's Souls / Dark Souls / Bloodborne / Sekiro all hold a special place in my self-abusive heart. I've done a lot of level 1 runs...

Shout-out to FFXIV for being my favorite MMO, and Everquest for being the game I probably spent the most time playing. What an incredible timesink.

Jeff C. from the product team:
The Counter-Strike series (but not Source). It's somehow been mostly fun (a lot of tilt) throughout the years.

Allen from customer experience:
Destiny, mostly because I've spent so much time playing and still haven't quit playing it.

Lindsey from the esports/influencer team:
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It's a timeless classic that revolutionized the gaming industry. The speedrunning and randomizer community for this game is also growing in size.

Brian from product management:
X-Com: UFO Defense. This game started my obsession with turn based tactical games. My buddy and I would play for hours together generating our own narratives around each of the soldiers, agonizing when we had to leave one of them behind to be slaughtered by aliens while the Skyranger flew away. The RNG was completely unforgiving, and perma-death was everywhere, but the victories were oh so satisfying.

I can still recall the very real fear the first time my soldiers had to flee from a group of rampant chrysalids.... shudder

Nathan from engineering:
Final Fantasy Tactics. Almost endless character customization, great soundtrack, and a totally incomprehensible plot.

Ellie from software engineering:
As much as I'm exposing myself by saying this... my favorite game is Minecraft. It was definitely not my first instinct when asked, but the longer I thought about it, the clearer it was. It's the only game I can consistently come back to and not rely on nostalgia to carry the experience. It plays great in single or multiplayer, there is a steady stream of updates to keep things interesting (not to mention the huge library of mods), and I feel like every time I play it's a novel experience.

Christian from marketing:
Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic I & II. The choices in that game were so good and I still think it has the best Star Wars video game story of all time.

Adam from customer experience:
Halo 2 because it almost made me flunk grade school.

Rosel from planning:
Super Mario 64 - I have so many different emotions tied to this title. I grew up watching my dad play it which sparked my interest in video games. It was a master piece to me growing up and still is.

Joe from creative:
The Last of Us, because it’s a story and a game that left a very deep impact on me.

Asger from EMEA:
Guild Wars (the original for gods sake). 12k hours - yeah, dont judge me ;)

Rasmus from marketing:
World of Warcraft: Classic - Not sure, I think I enjoy the grind.

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