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TennoCon 2021 Recap: Everything Coming to Warframe

TennoCon 2021 brought a slew of awesome content for Warframe fans. Here's everything you missed.

TennoCon 2021 came and went this year with a bang, not a whimper. The annual festival that celebrates all things Warframe featured a variety of awesome announcements this year. These can't-miss bits of news range from confirmation that Cross Play and Cross Save are finally in development to a brand new Warframe coming later this year. If you couldn't catch the show or prefer your updates in text form, we've got everything you need to know right here. Get ready, Tenno. There's a lot of content coming your way.

A new cinematic quest: The New War

Tenno will get to watch the Sentients fire off a series of volleys in a war that will involve even the outer reaches of the System. Enemies must band together throughout the Origin System to stave off Ballas, Erra, and the Sentients as The New War reveals a conflict from the viewpoint of Grineer trooper Kahl and Corpus Crewman Veso and Teshin. The New War is set to launch across all platforms later in 2021.

Cross Play and Cross Save are officially in development

During TennoCon 2021, Digital Extremes announced it was finally beginning development work on both Cross Play and Cross Save functionality. The Origin System will be available across all platforms, even the upcoming Warframe mobile debut. Players will be able to join up and play together no matter which platform they're on while using the same account across all platforms. Cross Play will allow for new updates and content across all platforms as well, so everyone can enjoy new quests and other new goodies at the same cadence.

New Nidus Prime Warframe

Nidus Prime is large and in charge.Source: Digital Extremes

Get ready to stomp through the world of Warframe with a new piece of ear: Nidus Prime. The Orokin's version of the unkillable Nidus comes with signature weapons and customization as well as a shiny new exterior. You'll be able to jump into Nidus Prime with Prime Access later this year.

New Warframe: Warrior Caliban

A look at the new Warframe Caliban in its earliest stages.Source: Digital Extremes

Player will get to take on a brand new, never-before-seen Warframe later this year in the form of Caliban. Caliban is a warrior created from both Sentient and Warframe parts. The counterpart of Eidolon Revenant, Caliban's passive ability lets him resist different damage types while taking hits for himself as well as his squad. He'll be available later this year.

There you have it -- if you weren't already getting your Warframe on, it sounds like later this year might be the best time to jump in. This year's TennoCon was certainly one to remember. We'll have to see what else Digital Extremes has in stock for its most loyal fans as the year wears on.

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