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Rainbow Arcade Streamer Feature: urbanbohemian

Throughout the month of June, SteelSeries is spotlighting LGBTQIA+ creators! Let's get to know urbanbohemian in our Part 4 article!

Rainbow Arcade's mission statement is beautiful yet simple: they believe in positivity in gaming and beyond. The team of LGBTQIA+ streamers believe in diversity and inclusion, empowering communities while making them safe, and yes, positivity! Their charitable work has supported the Trans Lifeline, The Trevor Project, and the World Wildlife Fund in Australia.

SteelSeries is proud of spotlighting these diverse creators throughout Pride month. Stay tuned to our socials and Twitch as we feature them throughout the month.

We're spotlighting members of the Rainbow Arcade each month, so take a quick look at their bio, and you never know, you may have found your new favorite streamer!


urbanbohemian streamer

urbanbohemian (he/they) is a Black Queer writer, gamer, foodie, streamer, charitable fundraiser, comic book lover, cocktail connoisseur, stalwart brunch supporter, disco music aficionado and all-around Generation X geek having grown up through the introduction of video games — from arcades to home consoles to computers — and loving every new innovation along the way.

As a streamer and content creator, urbanbohemian plays a variety of video game genres, loving a good looter shooter, cozy indies, visual novels, cooperative multiplayer games, roguelites, and deckbuilders. He also dabbles in food and drink streams from the kitchen, and has been in several tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) from charity one-shots to starring in “Rivals of Waterdeep,” one of the longest-running Dungeons & Dragons actual play shows.

His approach to streaming and gaming is that everyone should have fun, broadcasters and viewers alike! With a focus on finding games where representation and diversity is prominently woven into the content instead of an afterthought, he enjoys showcasing and featuring a wide variety of gaming genres and creative voices.

When you stop by urbanbohemian’s stream, you’ll be made to feel at home, welcomed and respected. While he might go on chatty tangents about brunch, disco music, comic books, or the latest anime to grab his attention, the focus is having a good time, playing some great games, and spreading immaculate vibes.

Top 5 Games:

  • Destiny 2
  • Assassin's Creed: Origins
  • Borderlands 2
  • Animal Crossing
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Advice from urbanbohemian:

  • It’s cliche, but "Have fun!" You can always practice and get better at any game, but if you’re not enjoying it there are so many other games and genres to discover.
  • Take some time to pop on a headset and truly immerse yourself in a game’s soundscape: soundtrack, atmospheric sounds, even enemy and NPC callouts. It can elevate the experience and lead to a deeper love of the game.
  • Keep an eye out for indie devs and studios putting out games in the genres you like, there are always hidden gems that might not be the most “competitive” titles out there, but those can quickly become favorites in your library.

Find urbanbohemian on Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok.

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