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The best of Nongshim RedForce in League of Legends

Start keeping an eye on Nongshim RedForce as we enter the 2022 LCK summer season! Here's some great highlights and info about the team.

Nongshim RedForce stared in 2020, attracting attention with an unrelenting, hard-playing style. Let's get to know the current roster:

  • Canna (Kim Chang-dong): Top Laner
  • Dread (Lee Jin-kyeok): Jungler
  • Bdd (Gwak Bo-seong): Mid Laner
  • Ghost (Jang Yong-jun): Bot Laner
  • Peter (Jeong Yoon-su): Support
  • Effort (Lee Sang-ho): Substitute/Support

The team scored 2nd place at KeSPA Cup 2020, earning ₩20,000,000. Let's check out a couple of fun highlights below.

LCK 2022

This January highlight from the Spring season is full of great moments from the Nongshim RedForce team. Canna had an awesome tower dive around the 2:19 mark.

LCK 2021

Last January, the team has also dominated KT Rolster, winning both matches in a fairly decisive manner.

Here's Nongshim RedForce putting the KT Rolster in a blender in a critical play at the LCK 2021.

Canna and Peter Stream Highlight

Don't worry, there are English subtitles! A humorous highlight from a stream between Canna and Peter. Wholesome content and face-palming included, that's a promise.

That ramen though?

Nongshim Ramen

You may have heard (or at least seen) Nonghsim Ramen before, and I'm definitely a sucker for some instant noodles. Nonghsim Redforce reps the brand, serving good noodles alongside pentakills.

Last but not least... the SteelSeries x Nongshim RedForce Partnership!

Nongshim Redforce x SteelSeries

That's right, we are officially partnering with Nongshim Redforce! From now on, we're going to supply the team with our gear, which includes our award-winning gaming headsets. Don't forget about our lineup of esports mice and gaming keyboards as well.

We're looking forward to working together with Nongshim RedForce, on everything from awesome campaigns to deep dives on product technology. SteelSeries is the original esports brand to build partnerships since 2002, collaborating with professional players to make products that earned more money than those of any other company.

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