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Get a Free Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

For a limited time, get a Dark-Tera Type Charizard for free!

The Pokemon Company is releasing a new expansion for its trading card game. Scarlet & Violet — Obsidian Flames comes out on August 11th.

But fans of the video games get something out of it too. With a simple code, fans of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games are able to get a special Pokemon for free.

Charizard has been previously available in Scarlet and Violet only during certain events, but this isn't just your regular Charizard; it's the Dark-Tera Type.

Charizard Pokemon

How to get Dark-Tera Type Charizard for free

YouTuber JayShockblast posted a video explaining the whole process and demonstrating the Pokemon in action.

A few quick steps will get you the Dark-Tera Type Charizard absolutely for free! Remember, this lasts until Monday, August 31st, 6:59 PM CST/7:59 PM EST.

  • Launch your game and pick Poké Portal from the X menu
  • Hit “Mystery Gift” then “Get with Code/Password”
  • Enter the following code DARKTERA0006 to redeem
  • Confirm that Dark-Tera Type Charizard is either in your party or your Pokémon Boxes,
  • Save your game!

Of course, if you're a Pokemon TCG player, also get ready to add that Charizard to your collection with the release of the new set.

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