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Best Gear for Open World Games - Gear up, Game On

Here adventurer -- take these. Stylize your game station and create the best environment to head into your favorite virtual sandboxes.

We're kicking off the eighth week of Game On with open world/sandbox games. We love a sense of adventure and freedom to select our next goal. even if that means abandoning the central plot to do 80 hours of sidequests first.

Each week throughout the summer, as we celebrate various game genres, we have millions of free codes to giveaway through our SteelSeries Game On page, in addition to our Open World/Sandbox Gleam giveaways, so make sure to stay tuned to our channels.

KontrolFreek Features New Saints Row Thumbsticks!

KontrolFreek Saints Row Thumbsticks.

Play like a Boss with these unique, Saints Row Performance Thumbsticks, exclusively at KontrolFreek. These work on your PlayStation 4 and 5 gamepads, enhancing your grip while playing, increasing the rise for additional accuracy, and reducing hand fatigue. It's time to make Saint Ileso yours.

Your signature style with great clicks: Aerox 3 Customizer

Aerox 3 Gaming Mouse

Make your mouse match your aesthetic perfectly with our Aerox 3 gaming mouse customizer. Available in 5 colors (the Onyx presented above), craft the mouse of your dreams with multiple options for the cables and the feet.

The Aerox 3 is an ultra lightweight mouse at only 59g, making it ideal for long, immersive sessions in your favorite open world games. The Golden Micro Switches, rated IP54, work for over 80 million clicks. That's a lot of block placement and drag clicks in Minecraft.

Additionally, thanks to Aqua Barrier™, the Aerox 3 is protected from dust and water spills, ensuring an even longer lifespan of the product.

Delve deeper with the Apex 3 TKL

Apex 3 TKL Gaming keyboard

No open world gamer should be without RGB in their setup, and our gaming keyboard Apex 3 TKL lets you shine in brilliant, customizable 16.8 million colors. Plus, you can make those colors synchronize with your other SteelSeries products by using the PrismSync app in Engine.

Similar to the Aerox 3, the Apex 3 TKL is rated IP32. We innovated, making this a water-resistant keyboard, protecting your gear from spills while you remain hydrated during those long sandbox game sessions. Attractively priced and in a slim, space-saving TKL profile, this is a fantastic choice for adventurous gamers.

Color your world with PrismCaps

PrismCaps keyboard caps

Customization is a big deal. Just like how you enjoy upgrading your base and your character, your mechanical keyboard might be in for a change. These double shot PBT keycaps are extremely durable, engineered for long-term durability even with heavy use.

You can enhance your gaming keyboard's RGB even further as the pudding-style design features translucent sides and letters. The PrismCaps are available in black, white, and our newly released pink.

They're compatible with most mechanical keyboards, including our Apex 5, Apex 7 & TKL, Apex Pro & TKL.

Ready to get your Game On in open world and sandbox games? Make sure to stay tuned to the SteelSeries Twitch for special streams this week and visit our Game On page for free, exclusive downloadable codes!

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