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Right for People

At SteelSeries we have clear beliefs and values that we live through our people and culture every day, across every part of the organization. These serve as our north star and guide how we work and what we do as a business:

A really important part of this is our belief in the need to support greater diversity, equity and inclusion and the opportunity to enable the gaming community to act as a force for good in the world. We are therefore:

Committed to building inclusivity, accessibility, and equity for all our people

We strive to listen to our users, to one another, and support diverse talents, backgrounds and needs

We’re here to nurture the gaming community and make it a force for good in the world wherever we can

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We listen to users, to one another and to the market.

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We challenge ourselves, one another and the status quo.

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We transform ourselves, our industry and lives.

Here is how we are putting our values and beliefs into practice...

Building a diverse and inclusive workplace

We want to create safe, inclusive environments where SteelSeries employees feel welcome and supported. We also believe that diverse thinking is fundamental to innovation and our success in creating winning gaming solutions for gamers all over the world.

We run regular Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) employee surveys and open meetings across our organization where everyone is invited to contribute and help us understand how we’re doing and where we can do better. We’ve also set up employee committees who are active in supporting Women, the LGBTQ+ community and other under-represented groups:

• Our For Pride group provides a space for community, resources, support, mentorship and education to LGBTQ+ & allied SteelSeries Employees.

• Our Women of SteelSeries group provides a forum for female employees to share experiences and lend support. The group is also focused on initiatives to recognize female talent within the company and encourage more women to join. In March 2022 we promoted a series of blogs written by our female employees and hosted streams as part of a campaign to raise awareness of their work and provide inspiration for other women across the gaming industry.

• Our Mental Health Group recognizes that mental health is deeply important both in and out of the workplace. This group is a safe space within work to discuss issues and find support, as well as a means of connecting with the wider gaming community. We share information and resources along with company sponsored benefits like our Employee Assistance Program, Insight Timer app to support mindfulness, and the free Energy and Attention course which helps people work with their personal energy cycles to maximize their work-life balance and productivity.

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Making our gaming community a force for good

We look to leverage the power of our people and community to raise awareness and build support for the causes they care about, including LGBTQ+ and mental health initiatives.

In 2021 we launched a new partnership with Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) - a non-profit organization that helps veterans and active duty service members who have incurred a physical or mental injury, illness or wound. In 2021 we made a donation to WWP and have helped raise additional funds by supporting the charity’s annual gaming and live streaming events; ‘Warrior Week’ and ‘Capture the Flag’. We’ve also worked with WWP to incorporate gaming into their ‘Project Odyssey’ mental health recovery program which is an effective way of engaging veterans with its rehabilitative content and cultivating strong decision-making skills.

In addition to our partnership with Wounded Warrior Project, we leverage our Live Streaming efforts to raise awareness, support and funds for a number of other causes that our community cares about. Each month every cent in revenue raised through our channel on Twitch is donated to a different cause and we 1:1 match all donations made by our community. Since 2020 we’ve supported over a dozen charities, organizations, and GoFundMe causes including Vital Voices, The Global Food Banking Network, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Anita B dot Org, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Casa Ruby, Humane Society, The Red Cross and more.