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Image of soldier holding a gun with a post apocalyptic scene behind him.

Red Bull Campus Clutch

Tune in on July 17-18 for the Campus Clutch World Final streaming live from Madrid, Spain, and featuring the 12 victorious teams from the Red Bull Campus Clutch Knockout Round.

Arctis Prime

Pinpoint recon bolts based on sound alone. Featuring high fidelity audio drivers, the Arctis Prime is ideal for highly competitive gamers who prioritize winning over everything else.

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Apex 7

Can we get some hype in chat? Choose from mechanical blue, red, or brown tournament-ready switches.

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Look, listen, click. Prime+ is the ultimate esports gaming mouse designed with Prestige OM™ switches. Fully customizable with a secondary adjustable lift-off sensor and an on-board OLED screen to adjust polling rate, CPI settings, lift off distance, and more on-the-fly without additional software.

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QcK Heavy

The perfect base of action for steady Curveballs, precision Sky Smokes, and cross-map Showstoppers.

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