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3 Destiny 2: Lightfall characters in an action scene with the Destiny logo overlayed. Text reads: "Destiny 2: Lightfall".
A side view of the Arctis 7+ Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition.


Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition

A top view of the Aerox 5 Wireless Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition.


Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition

A top view of the Qck Prism XL Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition.


Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition

The box for the limited Destiny 2: Lightfall edition KontrolFreek thumbsticks. Along with the purple Destiny 2: Lightfall thumbsticks and the collectors orb that it comes with.

Best Accuracy Improvement

Upgrade your grip, movement, and precision with Collector's Edition Performance Thumbsticks from KontrolFreek, contained in an exclusive metal Traveler orb case.

The Arctis 7+ Destiny 2: Lightfall edition in a sphere with text that reads, "SONAR".

Most Immersive Audio

Take your sound to another dimension with a custom SteelSeries Sonar equalizer preset, created by Destiny's own sound designers.

3 Destiny characters posing in front of a cinematic backdrop with all of the limited edition items pictured below them. Destiny 2: Lightfall limited edition items include the Aerox 5 Wireless, the Qck Prism XL, the Arctis 7+, and the green thumbsticks on a Playstation 5 controller.

Complete Your Destiny 2: Lightfall Experience

Face overwhelming odds and master the power of the Strand, aided by the Limited Edition Destiny 2: Lightfall collection from SteelSeries.